Dreamcast Launch Party DLC – Sonic Adventure


When the Dreamcast launched in the west in 1999, players could download a free add-on to their VMUs for Sonic Adventure.

This DLC decorated Station Square with various banners and balloons that displayed a message celebrating the Dreamcast’s launch and/or Sonic Team when touched.

There were 3 versions – one for the US, one for Europe and another for Japan. Other than Europe’s version displaying October 14 as the release date, the only difference between the three packs is the textures used on the balloons and signs.

That should wrap up the DLC for now. The only one left that hasn’t been covered now is the 1998 Japanese New Years, which places a Kadomatsu (Japanese New Year decoration) in Station Square. But unfortunately, nobody’s been able to track down a copy of it!

26 September 2017: Thanks to modding advances, you can now play this in the PC version! Recreation by PkR:
Region is chosen via config, here are the values:
0 – US
1 – EU
2 – JP


  1. The innocent days of console DLC

    Still, having something like this really livens up Station Square and kinda reminds me of the change in scenery you got with games like Shenmue when it transitioned over Christmas to New Years and such.

    Hell, given that most AAA games are striving for HYPER REALISM in this day and age I'm surprised that something akin to this isn't done more often.

    But of course money is always on the forefront of the industries minds.

  2. "This is just the beginning".

    The beginning of the end as Sega as a console manufacturer. It's quite unfortunate that the Dreamcast didn't succeed, it had a lot of potential 🙁

  3. Hey, want to play this in the PC version? Thanks to modders, now you can!
    Links to mod packs that add these (just like the original VMU downloads) have been added to the descriptions of each vid with DLC that's been ported so far.


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