Dreamcast Plug-N-Play IDE Hard Drive Mod


An quick look at my plug-and-play Dreamcast hard drive adapter.


GD-ROM Drive Board Pinout (VA0 & VA1 only):

3D Printed HDD Mount:


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  1. Can you use an ssd with that? Then if each game is about 1gb, and a total of 636 titles released, it would be possible to fit the entire library on a 1tb ssd as their prices will fall once 1tb micro sd cards hit the market and of course you can use those micro sd cards once their price goes down.

  2. Awesome man, but do you ever try to figure a solution for not taking apart the VGD drive? I always wondered if a IDE to MINI USB female or a small SATA Female connector can be added, in order to put that female in just one on the vent holes at the back of the dreamcast. Then with just one simple mini USB or a small SATA cable a hard drive inside a case could be connected to the dreamcast easily. I dont know a shit this stuff, but dude, something like that cant be done? I am pretty sure it will not need too much space isn it?

  3. This is awesome man! I did the 44 pin 2.5 ide mod a while back but it wasn't internalized like this let alone built into the gd rom drive! What a beauty! If only Dreamshell was just a little bit better :/

  4. Great ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I prefer in SATA/SSD or CF,IDE sometimes very slow,it's depend it's not every time ๐Ÿ™‚
    And it's not the future ๐Ÿ™‚

    For installation do you know :

    [Dreamcast] Presentation PCBs Dreamcast G1-ATA + GD-IDE

    [Dreamcast] Installation PCB Dreamcast G1-ATA

    [Dreamcast] Installation PCB Dreamcast GD-IDE

  5. Hmm, this is a neat idea.
    When I seen the title I was really hoping there would be a way to mod the dreamcast to basically have an external hard drive… and not loose the GD-Rom drive.

    Maybe if I ever see another dreamcast cheap I'll attempt one of these mods, wont be tearing apart my old Dreamcast I had for years….

    You seem to be very knowledgeable modder, mind if I spit ball an idea with you?

    This is based on what I was hoping to see, but would it be possible to mod the dreamcast to have an external IDE or whatever hard drive.
    Now there is a basis to my idea.
    Would it be possible to remove the Dreamcasts modem and create a connection though that to its motherboard?
    The Dreamcast did have Ethernet ports…. So I would assume where the Dreamcast could communicate at 10 base Ethernet speeds that the bus speeds from the motherboard to where the modem/Ethernet port would be more then fast enough to communicate with a normal hard drive.

    I imagine the most difficult part would be is creating a modded bios with the instructions already set to treat the modem/Ethernet part of the board to communicate with a HDD.

    By all means this might not even be possible.
    But it sounds like it could be possible?
    I'm no modder in the sense of being able to create a mod. But in concept to me if the software can be created I would imagine this to be possible….

    Hmm….. One other idea and I kinda hope this was already done…. But if I was to have a Dreamcast that already has an Ethernet port installed, is there any mods to allow the Dreamcast to communicate over a network to lets say a computer on my network that could be loaded with Dreamcast games already on it, then navigate though all the folders on my PC and launch the game over Ethernet on the Dreamcast?

    Damn….. that sounds even more easy and piratical!
    Please tell me someone has done this!!!!

  6. Where can i download the UI program? Looks like a job I can handle but after itโ€™s all put together what program files do I need to get it up and running with that UI?

  7. You have inspired me to attempt an internal ide mod that retains the gdrom drive and stock psu. I'm going to connect the ide cable to the gdrom board, is there anything I should know that's not on the pinout?

    Also, It's not totally clear to me how to connect the hdd activity light. I see that pin 39 of the cable is involved, but other than that i'm lost.

  8. Would a pata SSD drive be of any benefit too performance even an SD to ide adaptor. Very happy love my Dreamcast Sport's edition. This would be much more affordable than the sd card adaptor on Ebay $500+

  9. i really wish sega would partner up with microsoft to come up with an updated, modern day dreamcast re-release.. I could picture new dreamcast re-releases with wireless bluetooth controllers and hmdi outputs and an hdd for extra storage.. It's a shame Sega doesn't even care about they're own potential

  10. can it play shenmue perfectly ? and is there any slow down when u play fighting game or crazy taxi on it?
    i have two dc machine and all of the gdrom is faulty.
    your ide setup is giving me hope.
    let me know if i can buy it from you, coz i'm bad on soldering stuffs ๐Ÿ™

  11. Dude you will make a killing selling that…..
    I want one!!!
    So move your ass and get some $$$$$

  12. Ok, so this unit replaces the gd-rom drive, right? Couldnt it be possible to write code that mimics the gd-rom drive? Kind of like the gd-emu, where the dreamcast thinks the hard drive IS the gd-rom.

  13. I was starting to do a mod like this seeing how the motherboard mod was simply using the GD-Rom pins so I knew I could go direct to the gd board like you did but had shelved it until now seeing you've successfully done it.

    My end idea is slightly different but now I should be able to see it works as well as yours. Thanks!

  14. What an awesome mod. Any chance of some sort of a guide to how you did it. I see the soilder points on the pic you linked to but a better description and tutorial would be helpful. I already have the dual bios.


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