Dreamcast SD Card Mod – Play Homebrew And Games From SD Card


Just showing a mod I recently found out about. I’ve installed an SD card slot in my Dreamcast to allow booting games and homebrew from a regular SD card. I’ve not seen too many videos of this mod and it doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention so I though I’d do my own.

Parts I used were from Maplin (UK electronics store). The following are the exact parts I used in this video.
1x Electrolytic capacitor 47uF 25V (Maplin part #VH32K)
1x Decoupling ceramic disc capacitor 0.1uF 50V (Maplin part #BX03D)
1x Metal film resistor 470ohm 0.6W (Maplin part #M470R)
1x 3mm LED (Any should do – for example part #N20FN)
1x Stripboard (Maplin part #JP46)
1x SD card interface – I bought a cheap multicard reader and gutted it for parts.

Original schematic by jj1odm

Stripboard Layout I designed using schematic

(My first attempt at designing a stripboard circuit – might not be the most efficient layout but works fine)

Dreamshell developer’s site and downloads

(right click “Save link as” on the Dreamshell download links – this confused me at first, lol)



  1. Hey Martin, I've seen a video posted of Dreamshell operating on a DC with the GDROM removed. I haven't been able to find any other similar mods. But, I really need something similar to this for the next project I'm working on.
    Do you know if there is a Dreamshell update available that allows you to flash the DC initially, and then operate from the SD from every following startup, eliminating the need of DC's GDROM? And yes, I do understand that not every DC game works flawlessly from the SD.

  2. This video is what made me subscribe to rgt hardl to believe its already been two years since I've been watching him

  3. man im having such a hard time getting the sd card reader from ebay to work..ive tried 3 sd cards already… need help man

  4. I know this is a older video but I was thinking, could you use the shell of the modem to put the sd slot in, That sounds like a easy place to fit it.

  5. Do you know if there is maybe any way to play games of an SD card without the need of Dreamshell or any CD for that matter? The problem is that I have a Dreamcast that doesn't read discs (which can't be repaired). I would love to have some use for it because now it's not usable. Hope you know something for me thx.

  6. Hi I have a sega Mage cd it has sonud problem do you repair and are you in uk thanks

    Ps can I buy the Dreamcast mod off you Ready made

  7. Thanks but I indeed tried to do that trick but it didn't work for me. Eventually I ended up "screwing" around with it too much lol. It broke off, man those things are fragile! So I got myself another system now which works fine.

  8. Just wish it was faster so all dc games could work as good as they normaly do. If this was true i could just dl isos and not use my gd roms. Would be great for keeping the collection in good condition.

  9. To make an almost perfect console we need : a Dreamcast , WiFi module , some usb ports , hdmi port , sd card reader , ethernet card and a programmer. Any volunteers?

  10. Hello! i am gointo buy dreamcat. if i make this mod, i can play downloaded games without any other chips? and if i want to play other regions, i have to make region free mod that you show in other video?

  11. Don't bother doing this. It's completely useless. The serial port is too slow to run much. I had an sd card reader for my dreamcast and it was so useless i threw it out because it was doing nothing but looking like crap sticking out of my dreamcast. People said it ran most homebrew and emulators well yet it ran most of them like crap. Don't think you will be running many retail games from it. This mod is the biggest waste of work and time.

  12. he shows how to build it but he dose not show how to add games into sd card no 1 dose 🙁 how to add like lake a folder or add a file or something

  13. That there looks absolutely dope, but I've never really felt comfortable fucking around with system internals.  Anyone know anywhere in the US to get this done by pros?

  14. does the dream cast have an expansion port like the older sega consoles. if it does could you make a custom pcb that fits there that allows you to add a usb and or a sd/micro sd slot. it could have its own software installed to the pcb and just plug in to existing slot.

  15. This seems pretty cool but I have a few questions. Will you have to solder the whole SD card interface to the strip board (including the board that came with the SD card interface), Can you use pins (to hold paper) as jumper wires, On the diagram what is the difference between the blue wires and green wire, finally what does the red square with the red circle mean on the diagram. plus any advice that I may need when doing this. If someone can answer my questions, that would be much appreciated.

  16. whenever i handle electronic components, I love to do it on a carpet and slide the components back and forth just for fun.

  17. Hi there, I don't expect a reply, but it would be nice if you did.

    The reason I am looking into doing this is due to the CDROM failing on me. Am I able to remove the drive with this hack as I see the bootrom on the disc there, is there a way to patch the system so that is default and I can remove the disc drive.

    Else I will be having to buy a new drive too just to get this up and running.


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