Dreamcast vs. NullDC – Console/Emulator Comparison



  1. I think Null DC is glitchy and buggy on some games. I think the wooden texture on Virtua Fighter 3 show how the hardware has smoother textures for me the console is better quality

  2. If you set null DC to 640×480 and run dreamcast through VGA they look almost identical, but this comparison is high res null DC vs. composite DC, of course the emulator looks better…

  3. Hey I have 2 questions if anyone could answer would appreciate it.

    #1 I installed NullDC on my laptop and it is functioning fine as far as video wise but the sound is a little off. Is it because of the plug in?

    #2 I have a wired XBox 360 controller. I have the driver for it installed and it says that the controller is functioning correctly although the emulator doesn't read the controller so i can't map the buttons and use my controller for the emulator. Can anyone help?

  4. I prefer the real console and this video isn't showing it but NullDC has graphic glitches in a lot of Dreamcast titles. The graphics won't load properly in Blue Stinger. I seen it on Videos on youtube.

  5. Loved the dreamcast, superior to the ps3 even though it came out ages before it. Plug into your monitor and you had HD gaming, or at least gaming that looked as good as the PC… something sony and the gaystation could never achieve.

    Shame that SEGA were the only ones making games towards the end… this is what happens when you hoard the good libraries and functions for your own inhouse games (SONY LOOKING YOUR WAY, YOU ARSEHOLE PRICKS)… thank god for the xbox.. direct3d programming, the STANDARD, THE DEFAULT, THE WAY GAMES ARE PROGRAMMED AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE FUCK YOU SONY THIS IS WHY YOU SUCK)

    Lol back in 2001 or whenever the magnificant dreamcast was relelased, and this was BEFORE HD tv remember… it had a VGA output to maximum 640×480 but it was THE FIRST CONSOLE TO LOOK AlMOST AS GOOD AS THE PC.. still superior to the SHITHOUSE SHITHOUSE SHITHOUSE SHITHOUSE NTSC SHITHOUSE NTSC WORST STANDARD.. only faggot losers countries used ntsc exclusively… 480 scanlines 60hz.. at least PAL had 560… almost high def… already.. 50hz who cares who can tell the diff between 50fps and 60?

    Gaystation fagboys will always lub their gaystation but the dreamcast ROMPED all over the ps2, AND even the ps3. The ps3 technically MIGHT be able to beat it….but for its horrible programming API and gayafied architecture.probably not…

    The PS4 has shamelessly copied xbox and there is no difference between ps4 and xbone. they are both RISC x86 pc's powered by AMD and their fantastic tech-orientated products.

    Ah dreamcast only those who knew you knew how good you were

  6. The Dreamcast looked good on an original CRT screen, especially with a good connection but all games designed for CRT generally look rubbish on digital especially Mame games so it`s neccessary to employ enhancements to compensate : Scanlines, SUper Eagle & upscaling go a long way to making them look pretty good again as is shown here

  7. I am just enjoying Nulldc and dreamcast games for the first time, so I bought an official dreamcast controller to feel a truly experience but what is the best usb adapter working on nulldc for dreamcast controller?

  8. Hello , people always talk about accuracy of emulator with console and says most of the emulators are not accurate , my question to you is that i dont find a 0.01% difference between emu and console so you tell where does the accuracy exist ?

  9. In nullDC emulator, Rayman 2 not works, and nullDC sucks because has glitch graphics and it hasn't software graphics plugin already!

  10. if you are desperate and want to play dreamcast games on your pc. use demul and not nulldc. demul is accurate, easy to run anfd kicks a ton of ass.

  11. En la dreamcast se disfruta mas yo tengo la dreamcast y 3l emulador null y no podes comparar. El q hizo este video es un idiota


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