ED64 Plus GamePlay Nintendo 64 Flash Cart 2016


We show you what the ED64 Plus Enhanced Flash Cart 2016 can play on the Nintendo 64. We test Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Tooie, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Jet Force Gemini. All these games play 100%. Although you do still need the Expansion pack to play the games that require them. How does this Flash Cart compare to the Everdrive 64? Is this the best Nintendo 64 Flash Cart available?

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  1. I had 3 Banjo tooie roms and none of them seems to work with my ed64. The bar shows loading and then the screen goes black. Every other game I've tried has worked.

  2. Hello I just received my ED64 plus, it came with no SD card and no games… I was wondering if that happened to you too. And if you know how to set up roms into it so it works. Thank you!

  3. Hi, great videos m8, i have one question, can you play the GB games (having the transfer pack) with this cartridge? And how about having the chinese gb clone cart with roms..? would it work..? Thanks in advance!

  4. Does this cart work with Animal Forest (English patched) and Ocarina of Time Master Quest, in adition to the master quest debug rom?

  5. So what I am looking at is to play Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Rom on an everdrive device. If you know, does the Original SM64 Work? If it does the SM64 multiplayer version should work. That's all I want to play.

  6. this is a fake Chinese knockoff everdrive the real one is made by krikzz.com the one in the video is a cheap Chinese knockoff that will break due to horrible soldering. The Chinese stole the design from krikzz.

    Please purchase from the inventor and not thieves so he can continue to develop new flashcarts for other systems. This knockoff is subpart quality, with no warranty while krikzz gives a 1 hear warranty and a life time repairs.

  7. I remember disk doctor, both everdrive and ED64plus were very late to the party but I do love the everdrive stuff giving new life to old consoles.

  8. I would like to see it know how well smash bros is on it. Every emulator program I've used on pc, Wii, or Xbox original and none of them work well. thanks.

  9. What is this a copy of. I heard ED64 Plus before was a copy of Everdrive 64 v1. But I can't figerout what Everdrive 64 version ED64 Plus 2016 is. Can it be v2.5?I think about to buy Everdrive 2.5 but if Pokémon Stadium 2 works better on ED64 Plus 2016 I think I buy this instead.

  10. Does it run game shark codes. i had a cheat cartridge when i was younger and had predator mode for golden eye was awesome

  11. Is their a way to run Gameshark codes on this cart.? I have one but I havn't manage to do so. any suggestions please? thanks a lot

  12. well its not emulating ti at all, What that "loading" screen is doing is reflashing the cart. It flashes the rom to the "physical" memory on the board so in essence you ARE playing the actual game on hardware for the most part.

  13. It's NOT "emulating", please DO NOT call it that. It's playing the original ROM on the original hardware as you stated yourself.

  14. i got this off of ebay for £75 so far it works fine unfortunately Spider-Man 64 does not work on this, shame

  15. Anyone knows if there is a way to force PAL region games to run in 60hz? In ED64Plus original OS (1.28) PAL Games boot, but my CRT TV won't support 50hz and the TV screen keeps flickering making them unplayable. However in Saturnu's modified OS (1.29) PAL games won't even boot, in the game options it doesn't even show the PAL-CIC games (which are 710x), but only NTSC (610x) and even some 5xxx CIC's. Some ROM hacks (like Goldeneye X) also won't work on Saturnu's OS, but they do Work in ED64Plus default OS. Since there is no official ED64Plus webpage or forums or something like those. I'm just posting this here to see if anyone find this useful and if anyone else can provide more information regarding this. Thank you.

  16. just got 1 from ebay too and cant get it to work, it didnt come with loaded sd card and i cant figure out how to set the OS up on the sd card i bought for it, keeps sayin rom load error 62 and/or select file 62, no clue wtf is going on

  17. The main reason I want to buy this is conkers bad for day it seemed to be up to speed but is anyone able to tell me if it's the same exact speed is the real game this will make it pretty good for me. If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated thank you


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