[EP] PS2 to HDMI Converter Review


Hey everyone! I had a problem with getting my PS2 on my HDMI monitor! NOT ANYMORE!

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  1. Hi man – cant get mine to work – do you know if you need to change settings on the console itself before you plug into HDMI?

  2. It doesn't seem to work at least for all PS1 games. I tried it on the Dukes of Hazzard and it wouldn't recognize a signal at all. However, it did on Wheel of Fortune, here and there, but the signal was in and out during screen change from scene to scene. I didn't see much difference on the PS1 Wheel of Fortune game so I imagine it wouldn't do for any other PS1 game that works. It did drastically improve the quality of the few PS2 games I have. It was worth $7.

  3. so im using a VG245H gaming monitor, will I get any graphical benefits? I want to enjoy my PS2 games. Especially Dot Hack series. My monitor only supports HDMI and VGA. So thats why I want a converter. I want to use my monitor cause I like its features. 1ms input lag and anti stutter etc.

  4. Hi! I have component cables hooked up to my hdtv for my ps2. If i get this will it help with the quality? Or is it just for those who don't have an component ports on their tv?

  5. I got the PS2 to HDMI converter then used an HDMI to DVI cable to put it in my monitor but I get an error message "input signal out of range Change settings to 1600×900-60Hz". Is there any way around that without getting a switch box and a thousand cables?

  6. Is it compatible with Game Capturing Software such as Roxio Game Capture HD Pro? I am trying to record PS2 gameplay with highest quality possible

  7. Can I use this with a computer? I mean can I connect it to a computer screen? Because I don't have 3.5 entrance for the audio in the tv

  8. What is the name of the game your playing? Also if this doesn't work with PS1 games I suggest getting a PS2/PS3 component cable on Amazon for 8-10 bucks. Really worth it especially if you got a Component2HDMI converter for around 30 bucks. I used it on my Wii and it improved the image quality a bit on my 39" LED HDTV. This should work on PS1 games. But I haven't fully tried it on the PS2 yet. But its cheaper than buying a xRGB Mini/FrameMeiser if you wanna be cheap. Might hold off on this PS2HDMI converter if it doesn't play PS1 games. Though I'm surprised this thing existed. 😀 Did anyone test it out with McBoot yet? Got any better picture quality using the GS HD Codes? Sorry new to Mcboot. 🙂


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