FASTEST Flywheels EVER! Nerf Rocket Launcher! Mall HvZ! This Week In Nerf #37


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  1. Thank you so much for keeping a constant emphasis on fun. With all the performance modifications, it can get easy to forget that this hobby is supposed to be silly entertainment.

  2. Huh. I guess I was busier this week than I thought. Normally, I'll know a couple of the things on the episode, sometimes I guess correctly through the week what may end up on this week in Nerf. But I've got nothing. This is why I like this episode. Helps keep me caught up.

  3. Awesome info as always, sir. I haven't checked the listing yet, but I am hoping the MicroShots aren't in blind boxes. I hadn't heard about OoD's flywheels, I'm certainly going to have to check those out.

  4. The lighter fly wheels will have less inertia than heavier flywheels. There is no free lunch in physics so this trait of lighter weight carries advantages (faster rev up times) as well as disadvantages. Less inertia means less energy can be stored in the flywheel even when at full RPM, which means more RPM drop per shot. Personally for the money I think that I would prefer higher inertia wheels since going from 150ms spin up time to 50ms wont matter for me – but that's just me.

    I predict that these will be fine for semi auto, but suffer performance losses at higher rates of fire. FPS will probably drop off after the first shot if there is not sufficient recovery time (high torque motors may or may not be able to overcome this). Don't get me wrong its good to have more choices for niche builds, but I can't see my self using these unless for a specialty build. Maybe for a flywheeler that had a double action trigger for rev/fire in one motion instead of having a dedicated rev trigger.

    I hope that the early adopters share their experiences for the benefit of the rest of the comnuity.

  5. In-su-tan-to… insu-tanto is instant in Japanese. I'm excited too X^D cant wait to see what they're like on Neo Rhinos LOL.


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