Fatal Frame (PS2) [#2] – Ropes


Let’s play Fatal Frame. This is the PS2 version of the game and it is being emulated using PCSX2.

Fatal Frame is a survival horror game from 2001 and was released on the PS2 and then later ported to the Xbox with enhanced features. While I would have loved to have shared the Xbox version with you guys, I lack the ability to record my consoles, and there is no fully working emulator for Xbox at this time.

Full Playlist Here:

You can get Fatal Frame on the Playstation Store for your PS3


  1. Oh boy, thank you so much for playing this game. Like we've talked about previously, I adore this game — I watched a friend of mine play through it (I wouldn't last 10 minutes on my own in a survival horror game), and the setting and story grabbed us right from the get-go. I'd say this is the scariest game I have ever witnessed, and it only gets freakier as you get further into it. Since I've never been able to play it myself (even though I have a PS2 and the original game disc), it will be a joy to watch you trek through it. And thank you so much for picking up and reading every single scrap of paper. It really is the back story to this game that I find the most intriguing (and terrifying), and I've been waiting for someone to give it the treatment it deserves. Game on indeed, my friend!


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