FIFA Soccer 95 – Tournament (Sega Genesis) (By Sting)


Прохождение режима “Турнир” второго футбольного симулятора серии FIFA на Sega Genesis


  1. boring I think not stupid person you must be did daddy not give you pocket money this week idiot.

    back in 95 this game was the bollaks you wouldn't last 5 minutes back then without your Facebook and joey Essex you gay fucker

  2. I used to own FIFA Soccer 95, although the graphics were in 2d the gameplay was good, my cousins and I used have a 3 player league. One of us would be Leeds United, one of us would be Newcastle United and one of us would be Blackburn Rovers. I think that the best team on the game was either Liverpool or Newcastle United. I wish they used real player's names. The goalies always knew where the ball was going before you hit a shot. I can still remember the music and chants.


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