FIRMWARE v1.07 GPD XD PLUS 6 DreamCast Games Tested



In this video, I test 6 Dreamcast games on the new GPD XD Plus handheld android gaming console.


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GPD XD Plus Specifications:
1280*720 IPS Capacitive Touch Screen 5 Inch
CPU Mediatek MT8176, Up-To 2.1Ghz
GPU PowerVR GX6250
Internal Storage eMMC, 32GB
Extended storage T-FLASH (Support 128GB max)
Wi-Fi Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – Dual Band [2.4Ghz/5Ghz]
Built-In stereo speakers
Mini HDMI Port
3 Axis G-sensor
Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Li-ion battery, 3.7V/6000mAh

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Artist: TeknoAXE

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  1. In my judgement this thing isn't really worth it until skelton releases a LegacyROM for it, but he seems to be stalled on that.

  2. In your settings, turn off "Use Mipmaps" and turn on "Synchronous Rendering" for better performance.
    In your input settings, Launch the editor for physical controls, and turn on "Enable Custom Key Layout" that will fix the shooting in RE and the acceleration in Daytona.

  3. I dunno if it is cause you are playing thru hdmi but my XD Plus plays all the same games you mentioned but better on the internal display. Sonic adventure gets 50-60 FPS, jet set runs great. I use the play store version.

    Also some games look for digital triggers like Daytona. You can’t use the R1 to accelerate. Only work around is map it to the right joystick

  4. Could you try some more GameCube games with Dolphin on the XD+ such as Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Mario Sunshine, maybe even Mario Kart: Double Dash?

  5. They can firmware all they want.. Fact is the cpu is a huge bottle neck. The gpu improvement and extra cpu cores don't matter if the cpu speed is a bottleneck. Dreamcast, ps2, ps3, wii, wii u all need a good balance of BOTH cpu and gpu to run well. They improved the gpu here (looks great on benchmarks.. Woop dee do) but ignored cpu speed.

  6. I can't get Reicast to recognize shoulder buttons during game play. They map fine. Anyone else experience this or know a fix?

  7. I cant wait for the next portable android console with the quality of the shield portable. Prob never happen. GPD is garbage.

  8. What about resolution scaling? You are trying to push these games at native 720p and comparing them to running on the DreamCast which under ideal circumstances was playing these games at 640 by 480. Try scaling your resolution down to like 70 percent and test again. I'm a fan of your channel and thought maybe I could add something to the discussion.

  9. ETA PRIME, thanks for the video.
    Please, if you can, try the Ridge Racer for PSP.
    It would be perfect if you showed this and another games by running side by side in the original GPD XD and GPD XD PLUS, so we can compare better.
    Thank you for your attention, success!

  10. You would think since the Dreamcast and the SoC both use PowerVR chips that emulation would be at least slightly easier but I guess not… lol

  11. as a solid android machine with a solid performance its ok,but like an emulator machine with about 20 fps and for 220$…just i dont know.

  12. Something is definitely wrong here. My amazon fire 7 (2015 with cyanogenmod), was getting 25FPS+ in Shenmue. (quadcore 1.3ghz ARM A7, 1GB ram, Mali 450) Sure the powerVR may have problems, but it should still be vastly stronger than my standard mali 450

    Maybe dynarec was off? I couldn't see when you went into the config since you didn't scroll down.
    Hell my old raspberry pi 2 was getting better FPS than that at 640×480. (45 in town, 60 at the house)

  13. This console is a scam. GPD released it with a screen refresh rate issue, and they did know that was happening. Now, they don't have any idea of how to fix it; with the latest update they even made it worse.

    Besides, some people say the chip is actually the MT8173 and not MT8176, but don't know if this one is actually true.

  14. Remake them? As in put it on a non SEGA platform? You are crazy. I heard about that project Operation Razor thingy and I think it should happen there. They seem to want to do something legit.

  15. How the hell has Dreamcast performance got worse on better spec than the original XD? I get anywhere from 45-60fps on my original :/

  16. If you have your standard PC up running can you hook GPD XP through wifi and remote it from there? Like if you have all the systems roms on the PC you should open it with the remote?

  17. How do the psp ps1 etc run on the gpd xd first model is it worth getting this model or the first model any helpful recommendations would be appreciated thanks


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