Five good reasons why – PS2 is the best console ever


We know that our current consoles are technologically far more advanced than the Playstation 2. But, considering it’s time period, the PS2 was very awesome. In this Playstation 2 week we give you five reasons why we think the Playstation 2 is the best console ever made!

1. Multimedia
The Playstation 2 was the first game console that could really function as a multimedia device. Not only could you play games, but the PS2 allowed users to watch DVD’s and listen to CD’s. This is special, because back in 2000 when the PS2 launched the DVD format was pretty new and was just becoming mainstream. As a result of this feature the PS2 could be bought in stores that normally wouldn’t sell game systems.

2. Memory Cards
In some weird way the idea of a Memory Card is still very awesome nowadays. You could play a game at home and save your progress on a Memory Card. This memory card could easily be removed from the console, placed inside the box of a PS2 game and carried to your friend’s house. No bull shit with transferring data, loading profiles and DRM issues. It just always worked!

3. Backwards compatible
The Playstation 2 was the first console that did not need any modification or extra hardware to be backwards compatible. PS1 and PS2 games both worked. This was such a nice gesture from Sony to gamers. Nowadays games are more seen as services and therefore we have to play to stream old games or to add to our console library.

4. Incredible lifespan
The PS2 hit the market in 2000. And all the way till the end of 2012 did Sony produce new Playstation 2 consoles. Which means that the PS2 has had a life span of twelve or even thirteen years. It started as a multimedia device, quickly became the go-to console for many gamers, brought some of the most amazing franchises to the market, along with lots of artistic and experimental stuff and in its twilight years served as a low budget family console.

5. Games
The PS2 has a gigantic game library and thanks to this lovely console some of the greatest game series ever were born. Let’s list the most important ones shall we. There’s:

Final Fantasy.
God of War.
Devil May Cry.
Gran Turismo.
Resident Evil
Grand Theft Auto.
Ratchet & Clank. P
Kingdom Hearts.
Dragon Quest.
Katamari Damacy.
Silent Hill.
Shadow of the Colossus.
Metal Gear Solid.

And the list goes on and on. A console with such an impressive game library has to be the best console ever made!

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  1. I wish that they would start producing PS2 and PS1 again, and many other consoles like NES and SNES for retro gamers. I believe that there is still market for them.
    Especially with the new generations who never got to experience that era, i mean, if you look at youtube, retro gaming channels are very popular, in fact competing in views with mainstream games.
    And if you look at people like AVGN, who is very popular, his demographic is actually younger people mostly.
    Because for younger people, this it all new, despite it being old for other people.

  2. Here is little story
    I remember when I was like 6 my older brother had a ps2 slim and he had a ww2 game but I didn't remember what it was then last year I ask my brother what it was and he said metal of honor but he doesn't remember what one.And I remember a racing game I remember racing in a neighborhood.I remember little it been so long and we don't have any of the games left and don't have to have the console anymore

  3. The memory card and taking controller to your friends house is what I tell my friends.That is why PS2 is the best. Nowadays it's so hard to do it.

  4. i still got my ps2 slim with maybe 100 games and even when i got a master race pc and ps4 i love to come back to the past and play this awesome games

  5. I wish the PS2 was actually backwards compatible. I have never seen one actually play a PS1 game. Maybe I've just had bad luck, but the second laser has crapped out on all systems I have ever owned. I finally got fed up and bought a PS1 from someone on offerup so I could play my classics like Twisted Metal 2 and Crash Bandicoot. I have three PS2s, have taken them apart and cleaned the lasers, recalibrated them, made sure they were installed properly and changed settings on PS2 to "smooth" and "fast" for the driver. Tried pushing power button three times. Tried every trick in the book. It never works.

  6. it is the best and you get complete games not none of that DLC Paywall crap like they do us now
    i still play my ps2 more than any other system still to this day

  7. My sister got her ps2 ever since she was born in 2000, then i was born in 2004 and i remember how i always played gta sa on it, i always went on 6 star wanted level and tried to kill all the cops. Ps2 was my first console ever and will always remain my all-time favourite. RIP PS2, 2000-2013

  8. I think the PS2 is the last great gaming console, the last "proper" games machine. Why? Well… it had games – not just games, but games that were fun, playable and immersive (just like its predecessor, the PS1). Plus, backwards compatibility is always a plus (except for a few games which are problematic on the original "Fat" PS2 – the Slim PS2 features a hardware update/revision so most of the problematic games run on it perfectly, but there's still one or two games which MUST be run on a PS1). An integrated DVD player was also a good thing, as it showcased Sony's background as an electronics giant. The PS3 didn't set the world on fire as the first two PS machines did, but with its Blu-ray Disc player and HD potential, it's a decent multimedia machine (although it took a few years for it to get some top-notch games – the best ones are exclusives such as "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots", "Heavy Rain", "Resistance: Fall of Man" and "House of the Dead 4") and despite the limited backwards compatibility (all PS1 games and some PS2 games available via the PS Store), it's not great… but it's OK. PS4? I can't bring myself to care – I don't have a motive to buy it when I have a gaming PC. Sure, it handles 4K (Pro model) and feels more like a true successor to the PS2 than the PS3 (thanks to the latter's unique system architecture, which puts it on par with the Sega Saturn in terms of unconventional system architecture), but is it worth it when the PS5 is on the Horizon? I don't know.

  9. Awesome video shame it ended badly I miss those games and I got a console myself and it's better then PS3 and PS4 as those use wifi which sucks and I can't play games on PS3 as my internet is bad and so I play my ps2 and ps1 games better


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