Fixing eBay Junk – It’s Mail Day 4 – Crusty Dreamcast, SFC Games, Sega Controllers & More.


I recently hit 3000 subs, Thanks to each and every one of you. Today I went to get the mail, and made you a video. Not all of this will be for repair, but there’s a future project in here. I’m experimenting with a couple different fixed camera angles, let me know which you prefer.

Want to buy me a beer? Or a broken console? Hit up the donate link (But only if you want, don’t feel obligated).

Thanks for watching


  1. Why do people hate feet in videos? I mean I sometimes make jokes of them but it's okay to have them in the videos. Doesn't really matter if a sock is in a video??

  2. Definately looks like fire damage, I had that happpen to my SNES when my house caught fire. They might have all been sprayed with a fore hose.

  3. gotta say watching you open and name each wire was therapeutic, I do a lot of flea market shopping for retro goods. def gonna sub

  4. Libraries in US will sometimes resurface CDs for a couple of dollars. They have the really nice machines to work on their own stock.

  5. Poor DC, who did this to you? T_T Somebody didn't play a lot of original Xbox. ^_^ The 3DO has an S-video port right on the machine so it uses generic cables, only cheap part of that platform heh. Sweet Dualshock adapter you got there.

  6. You should try to use a magic eraser, it is really great for removing stains on plastic! Be careful not using it on the decals though…

  7. Hello ! Nice stuff you got there !
    When it comes to Dreamcast it looks badly, but remember that you got 3 of them, so you can always repaint one to pure white or some other color. A friend of mine had a classic Playstation that got dirty in similiar way, so he repainted it black, to resemble the – back then on top – PS2.
    The PS2 controller adapter looks cool, especially when you can use it with DC. Unfortunately it would probably be in use only for arcade games like fighting or racing, since it wont support VMU.
    Btw I also subbed to you today. Gotta repair my DC soon. Got the same problem with AV output. I was thinking of modding it and replacing the output with VGA and chinch, but maybe its also the bad connection. Cheers !

  8. Update: finished part one of restoring the nasty dreamcast. It's so long though, trying to trim it a bit then should have it uploaded by tomorrow.

  9. At 13:59, that is an adapter/breaker for an original Xbox controller. The idea was that if you're Playing games and someone walks in front of you and accidentally catches the controller cable, instead of smashing the console into the floor, the controller wire would come apart.

  10. My controller port needs to be replaced on my Dreamcast as well. But since you can't find them, and I don't want to buy a broken one for parts, I found a kit that replaces the busted fuses on it. Hope that works.


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