Frogger (PS1) Gameplay


How can you mess up Frogger!

A reboot of the classic arcade game, Frogger on the PS1 attempted to recreate the magic of guiding a frog through traffic to reach his reptilian buddies on the other side of the river. Unfortunately the game suffers from wonky controls, blocky visuals (even for the PS1), a persistently annoying hopping noise, and confusing level design. If you hate seeing frogs meet an untimely death by at the mercy of traffic, bees, squirrels, and lava, you should avoid this game at all costs.

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  1. Call it nostalgia goggles if you want but I loved this game. I don't remember being frustrated with any game mechanic or controls and it was a fun competition between me and my friends. I'll admit that from a modern perspective the repetitive sounds can be annoying but otherwise I feel like this is a good puzzle game. This game, along with Spyro, is the reason I like video games today so I guess I have too much bias on the matter though.

  2. I hated this game. Mostly because it's timed and if you die completely you have to start from the beginning. It was also hard for me to find all the babies in time. But I was a kid, so I sucked at games too. Plus I hated the depressing graphics and when you die losing all your lives that stupid song plays lol.

  3. My siblings and I adored this game as children. And we beat the whole thing. It took years, but it was extremely gratifying to get it done.


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