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Does Victor still have his old Game Boy Advance SP, easily one of the best handheld platforms of all time? Vic tells us in the latest Fan Question of the Day!

Here’s a link to the classic review Vic mentioned:

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  1. Yeah I booted up an old one last year for my kid and it turned on like that too….lul…

    They are amazing. With the brightness slider and volume slider. They honestly seemed ahead of their time.

  2. that's awesome vic. I still have my flame red Gameboy Advance SP. I just recently bought The Legend of zelda A Link to the past & Four sword so I can play it on my GBA SP. it still works great.

  3. one thing I would love Nintendo to do is make Gameboy advance SP Classic. it would have the same shape with a better screen w/backlight and maybe a HDMI port, it could have like 40 or 50 games from Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance installed on it. Maybe put Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on it. The ultimate Handheld 8 bit and 16 bit console. you can play it on the go or plug it into the TV.

  4. While watching very early episodes of Electric Playground I noticed that you and Tommy would always praise new innovations in video games that seemed to come so quickly at the time. Do you think the video game industry has slowed down in regards to new and exciting developments at all?

  5. Finding out that you made this video specifically for my question has gotten me super giddy =p
    Thanks Vic!

  6. You're right about them holding a charge! My dad found mine in our crawlspace this past weekend, been looking for this for over 5 years now. Turned it on and it powered up right away!

  7. I still have my nes edition gameboy advance sp. I love it, and just played it recently. But i do wish it had the back lit screen instead of front lit.


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