Game Boy Player 480P Game


Game Boy Player running 480P on a Game Cube using special digital cable a long with the Hori game boy controller. Even though I suggest a LCD setup with this, it may not be bad doing 480I on a CRT. I will try another time. If you are wondering how I recorded the video so good, I am a amateur photographer who knows the ropes in shooting manual. My Nikon D7000 allows me to shoot in total manual. This gives me full control of focus, rolling shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Just watch it on a big TV like Xbox live on your TV and you will see what I mean. The video was shot tight at 70MM.


  1. I'd love to see you revisit the GB Player and GameCube component cables in a future video! Potential topics being using Swiss to force 240p and comparing to 480 or the Gameboy Interface, a home brew software that gives more functionality to the Gameboy player while producing less input lag, just to name a few! 🙂

  2. The Game Boy Interface is much better at handling Game Boy games esspecially with PVMs because the Game Boy runs at an awkward refresh rate that PVMs tend to treat well. I have heard the XRGB-Mini can't handle it through it's D-Terminal input but it can handle it through it's RGB Input. Oh, and by the way I have exciting news for the N64. The VI De Blur that is present in the UltraHDMI has been implimented into Tim Worthingtons RGB N64 Board as a new firmware update that can be updated with a flash cart!! I'm not that much of a CRT Junkie but this is a much cheaper alternative than the UltraHDMI is! Or instead of buying this RGB Mod, there is a guy on the internet that has made patches for N64 Roms that can disable all Anti-Aliasing in a game. Unlike how the UltraHDMI does it by only removing about half of the Anti-Aliasing. I haven't seen these patches on any video or in person but they really sound interesting to see! 😀

  3. Thank god there is actual solutions through modding now over that stupid expensive cable, be it hdmi or a more standard wii component cable.

  4. they shoulf of build that GameBoy Player with the disc information built in, so it wouldn't require the annoying disc.

  5. If you want to record the games better I recommend using an XRGB mini Framemeister upscaler and an SC-512N1-L/DVI capture card. Both are made by Micomsoft in Japan. A bit expensive at a little over $300 each, but they are the best on the market.

    The scaler basically just converts the 480P (or any other resolution) to 720p or 1080p. Your TV does this to an extent, but the scaler in most TV's is crap because the manufacturers really cheap out on it. This one gets a very crisp image with loads of extra features. For example it even has the option to just increase the picture size to the highest multiple of it's original pixels that will fit in screen which is useful because without that you end up scaling things between pixels and that causes some pixels to end up an off color around the edges of things. It also has loads of inputs on it composite, S-video, SCART, component, VGA, and HDMI.

    The capture card is the only one I know of that can record lossless video files which is excellent for editing purposes.

  6. I'm definitely dreaming of the day I can snag a component cable for 200 or less, but for the time being, running s-video from my GC to a 20" PVM is giving me no complaints.

  7. Psst… there are no scan lines on a 480p image. There ARE on 240p just to fill out the resolution (240 ress plus 240 black lines= 480) just get a flat CRT with Composite in, and it looks amazing

  8. "You'll want to play on an LCD, not a CRT. These games weren't designed for scanlines" Oh, how things have most likely changed..

  9. Check out the "Gameboy Interface" player software, you do need a modded GC. It gets rid of the smoothing and lag. You can set it to 240p and it looks great with s-video, sharp and crisp.

  10. the problem with the Wii is that it dosent display as good as the gamecube with the component because the gamecube has a better component output. even tho they both do 480p. the gamecube beats the Wii all day. so your incorrect, unless the person dosent care about the image quality.. but yea the emulator actually takes it all tge way up to 4k if you have a nice pc.. it's called dolphin emulator you can play both gamecube and Wii games.


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