Game Of The Day: DOOM (Snes)




  1. i wish you didnt abandon 151 tcg. your content was good. all you needed was consistency. now you must compete with giant channels like dyk gaming, jontron, projared etc. youve lost your niche.

  2. Hey guys! I just noticed the new name on my subscriptions and decided to check out your new stuff! C: Overall, I really like the idea of your channel now. I know how much you guys like retro games, so it's cool to see you talk about them!
    Some constructive criticism though, if you don't mind it, I would recommend not jump cutting the video of you guys talking and the image or clip beside you at the same time. Sometimes, there's a little bit of the wall that flashes between cuts under the image of the game that kinda distracts me from the video. You could have the same image continue until the speaking jump cut is over, or perhaps just make sure that all images and videos are the same size so that size differences between them don't look obvious! I think this channel has the stuff to become even more awesome, and I am excited to see more! 😀


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