Gameboy Advance SP vs. DS Lite!


Today I will be comparing the GBA SP’s to the DS Lite’s Brightness/Quality. They are both pretty good in their own ways! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for this. Question. I want to play GBA games again, which one should I get? The SP has an AGS-101 which has a MUCH brighter backlit screen. Which would you get in that case?

  2. Sorry kid im gonna rant here okay I'm wondering which should i buy because I want to play portable games because I don't wanna be fighting over the television so I own a PS Vita but I'm playing games I already played many FF titles etc and RPGs so I would like to play games I never really played which would be Nintendo things but my last Nintendo game was Pokemon Blue then I just stopped I've been looking around GBA sp tend to go for 59.99 to absurd 80 plus dollars a ds lite goes for 39.99 which is newer hardware than the GBA sp but the GBA sp plays gameboy gameboy color and gameboy advance games the DS lite only GBA games and it's DS games and the newer systems 3ds play ds games and 3ds games and games boy advance games and gameboy etc as digital downloads the cheapest option in the 3ds family is the 2DS which goes for 79.99 so the point is Nintendo sucks they don't want old timers like me to get back into gaming so Im gonna buy a Sony Xperia Play phone for 50 or so bucks and download roms on it like crazy for free instead of supporting Nintendo another tip take care of your systems


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