GameCube controllers: 3rd party vs the Real Thing


I just compare the 2 controllers. I would have to say the Official controller because its better in every way. But you have to hand it to TTX for releasing their version of the controller. It may not feel as good but its cheap…


  1. As soon as you started wiggling that analog stick on the 3rd party controller, that put the nail in the coffin for me. Maybe that controller could be good for less finger intensive games like Pokemon Colosseum where precise input isn't a deal breaker.

  2. Of course the knock off will be cheaper, but don't you think your being a bit biased about it, I have one, and every thing works pretty much the same, and I prefer the clicky z button, but it's worth the 7-10 bucks if you really want one fast. Of course the Nintendo brand is better though…

  3. I guess for a new shell these could be useful. Anyone know if the circuit from the OG fit in the 3rd part controllers?

  4. Just going to put this out there: 3rd party controllers have a much shorter lifespan before you'll run into issues. I've had an official GC controller, used it for SSBM and it lasted 5+ years, with no true issues. I have bought 3rd parties recently, and the buttons start having issues (i.e. have to press in much harder to get a single imput in) after a couple months. Another thing to keep in mind is try to keep the Rumble feature off and only use it if it's like a dire situation, as it will vibrate everything inside (and after a while will wear out the insides). Just 2 things I thought I could add in.

  5. *Pressing the face Buttons* I dont like the hard click.
    *Pressing the R Button* This one doesnt have a click, i prefer the click.

  6. Do they have the same screws as the official GC controller? I want to buy a 3rd party controller just to use the top shell on my current controller.

  7. I just got my WII and I ordered a cirka GC controller so I can play my old GC games well its been a really long time since I've played on a real controller so hopefully it doesn't break in 5 seconds of the unboxing!

  8. are the [ > ] PLAY controllers any good? i got 1 a couple days ago and it feels gr8. ive never had og gc controller tho, third party my whole life lol.

  9. So the original is the best because I just got a third party one yesterday and so far its not so good the c stick wont go up when im trying to a up smash and the y button keeps getting stuck and so does the z button. does the original have these problems.

  10. I have many issues with this video. I wasn't gonna comment but when you complained that the 3rd party control stick moved when touched a little was just dumb. I have 3, count em FUCKING 3 original GC controllers, and guess what! All the sticks on them move a little when touched. It's normal, the game wont register it either because of a magical thing called DEADZONE, controllers were designed with the deadzone in mind to counteract the effects of a stick that moves a little. Also the fact that you complained there was no Nintendo Gamecube logo is just plain dumb. It's 3rd party they don't have the right to use the logo.

  11. Okay i am commenting in 2017 but i was gonna buy a gamecube controller plat thats made by nintendo should i still buy it or buy the original one?

  12. jesus christ this video is fucking classic. Thank you for this. I hope the official controllers don't make my hands Thor lol.

  13. I've had 2 ttx controller and I would say definitely DONT BUY THEM. They both broke the joystick within a couple months of using, and the rubber peeled off the c and normal stick. I have a Nintendo smash controller and I've had the Nintendo one for 2 years and it still works flawlessly. Just go for the authentic, it may be a bit more expensive but it'll last waaaaaaaaaay longer (also the smash one has a long wire as well)

  14. I have one third party controller and it feels alright. The analog stick and C-Stick does become a little loose though. It's a little different than the real thing but it's not too bad.


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