Gamecube Dock for Nintendo Switch – Working controller ports – DIY project


Smooth voice over :
Download the STL files :

Find a 2 min version on Facebook :

The Gamecube Adapter :

Music (in order of appearance) :
1. TheFatRat – Elegy
2. MKUltra – Tears in the rain
3. WaterFlame – Jumper 2013 :
4. TheFatRat – The Calling feat. Laura Brehm
5. TheFatRat – Jackpot
6. Geoplex – Zenith :
7. Nitro Fun & Glacier (feat. Lonemoon) – leaders
8. TheFatRat – Epic

1:35 3D Modelling
6:02 3D Printing
6:39 Cutting the case
8:00 Installing the slot
9:03 Adding painted tabs for details
9:51 Switch dock teardown and LED mod
12:42 Drilling the ports
13:40 Assembly
14:51 Usb controller adapter assembly
16:57 Glory Shots – Conclusion


  1. I have had a switch for 2 weeks now and thought it only had 1 usb port….

    until I saw this video and the part where he hooks up the 2 usb cables from the gamecube controller adapter. I saw the 2 cables and thought "hows that going to work there's only 1 usb port?" I just looked at my switch dock and sure enough there are 2 extra ports on the left back side. Wow I feel dumb.

  2. My question is, would this cover the Switch’s two heat vents on the back? Because if those are covered, the switch will overheat, and could even cause internal damage to the system, still a great idea!

  3. you could have used the compartments on the bottom or even the memory slots as places to hide games with some 3D printed holders

  4. This is an amazing concept for a dock, but wouldn't this block the intake vents on the back of the Switch console? That can cause the Switch to overheat and possibly warp.

  5. Ahahahahahahaah we will take apart the switch dock and not ruin any of the expensive parts , holy shit that was funny .10$ is not expensive

  6. Hey, so, your link was for French Ebay, not English Ebay.

    I was able to fix it by changing the ".fr" to ".com", but…

    Also, are you gonna make more of these Gamecube Docks?

  7. So I don't have access to a 3D printer or an old GameCube. Any way I can request or order for one to be made and I pay up? Or at least send the parts that are 3D printed? I can probably find an old GameCube locally.

  8. This design is great. The only issue I see is that it won't properly vent the heat from the Switch. You might have wanted to keep the vents open on the Gamecube, and added vents to the print of the switch slot.


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