Gamecube Games on Wii U! (Backwards Compatibility)


Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time I show some of you Wii U owners something you can do with your console that you may end up wanting to do, especially with that fancy gamecube adapter now! That being said how did I get this to work? Well sit back and find out! Thanks for watching!
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  1. This is really neat. I've considered installing the homebrew channel on my Wii for sometimes, but a little too nervous to try it on my WiiU tho.

    Sony should make a "Playstation 4 All" That can basically play everything from PS1 to PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita and PS4.. I wouldn't mind paying premium for such a console if it was a all in one solution.

  2. The Wii U is completely able to play GCN games because the GCN, Wii and Wii U share similar, or the same code. But, the disc reader doesn't read GCN discs and probably would have upped the price. Same story with the 3DS. The 3DS, DS and GBA share similar if not, the same code. But, there's no GBA cartridge slot. That would've upped the price.

  3. What pissed me off the most is that he said this was a GameCube emulator, which doesn't make sense. The GameCube games are running natively on the console just like Wii games do. The only thing emulated is the Wii menu, but the games can run natively on the system. The Wii U is by no means powerful enough to emulate games for Wii and GCN. Even the Nintendont developer said that the games run natively, and he would know better than anyone.

  4. The Wii U is not actually emulating the GameCube. The Wii U uses the same PowerPC architecture and can natively execute GameCube code no different than an original GameCube. Essentially a Wii U is a beefed up GameCube.

  5. Just my opinion if GameCube games are loaded via MIOS then technically this is not an emulation but if you still think games are emulated then they are emulated on original Wii too because they load and work same way MIOS is a loader, not emulator or maybe it is very tiny simulator which you would prefer to call emulator.
    I'm sure this MIOS trick would technically work even with mini Wii which has removed GameCube backwards compatibility becasuse of MIOS loader.

  6. Why the hell couldn't sony do the same thing with PS4 for backwards compatibility. They would of had a insane killer library of games if the PS4 would take the disc images of PS1 PS2 & PS3 games putting them in a emulator they could implement on PS4 via firmware update that allowed you to play those games on PS4. I remember when I first brought my fat PS3 I thought it was very cool how it could play PS1 & PS2 games right out of the gate along with PS3 games.

  7. I remember, my dad went out and bought me super mario sunshine and the game cube system just because..idk why he did it, it was around 164$ with the game, and controllers and the console..but I wasn't complaining

  8. dude homebrewing a wii u and wii is the easiest shit ever LOL. never bricked my shit once and i've homebrewed/modded 3 wiis a wii u at least 50 times total

  9. the game that you are playing is pretty ironic due to the fact that it can be played on the xbox one due it being an xbox 360 game and it's launched title and it was published by ea and ea is a big company also the game is about illegal street racing and being the most wanted (see what i did there) by the cops

  10. If Xbone can emulate the 360, it should be a small step for PC to emulate the 360. However as far as I understand the Xbone, as you alluded to, doesn't use a completely generic emulator for each game. It seems like Microsoft has to tweak each game to get it run on the emulator at a decent speed. Sometimes it is for the better and sometimes for the worse from what I read. With powerful PCs it should require less individual tweaking, I think.

  11. It would be nice if Nintendo allowed backwards compatibility for 2 previous gens instead of just one. We still have our NGC at-least 😛

  12. Okay, I can help you with things like cIOS's. I'll provide a couple paragraphs for reference.

    Custom internal operating systems, or cIOS's, are custom forwarders that prompt applications to launch.
    cIOS's actually bypass the Wii's psuedo-antivirus and allow for the installation of channels that forward to homebrew applications. This allows for less tedium, without the need to constantly have to go to the Homebrew Channel and go to that application every single time.

    Note that I don't know how it goes for every single region, but this is how it does for most regions.
    Homebrewing is the use exploits to run code from the SD card whenever it's being read.
    This allows the installation of things like the Homebrew Channel.
    Note that after Homebrewing your Wii, you can never go back, and Nintendo will not help you.

    Maybe more to come.

  13. Funny im watching this after the switch Press Conference and what you said about nintendo charging for old ROMs basically became true lol. Nintendo evil confirmed?

  14. does this still work? I hope so… I'll try it tomorrow. I already have nintendont on my real Wii, which is homebrewed

  15. it works this good because a Wii is just a GameCube 2.0, a Wii just extends the GameCube with additional features, that's why this can natively be executed

  16. We should do a campaign to get Nintendo to enable GameCube disc support on WiiU as a thank you for buying the console and a farewell to that era of hardware which was all essentially improvements on the same design.

  17. I still have my old Wii because of the homebrew. There's a nice community around making games for it. It's nice to see you talk about it.

  18. If I try this but change my mind later can I remove homebrew from my Wii U? Is there anything that permanently gets installed into the hardware even if you delete the homebrew channel?

    I'd like to essentially turn my wii u into a three in one. I'd like to sell my wii and gamecube to get some extra cash, but I heard something about if nintendo updates the wii u it can brick your system? How does this work?

  19. Uh, the Wii u has vwii which allows you to play GameCube games if you have a GameCube controller and adapter for the Wii u. It's always been backwards compatible

  20. For Game collectors Emulators and SD cartridges are a blessing for keeping your games in pristine condition whilst being able to still enjoy the games. I love collecting physical versions of games, but I hate having them wear down from usage.

  21. Not emulation. The Hardware is in there. The vWii mode is actual Wii hardware, and the Wii was just an overclocked Gamecube. So it's perfect because it basically has a gamecube in it.


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