Gamecube HDMI 2.0 – Response to MetalJesusRocks


*Update* – Metal Jesus just posted on Twitter that the GC Video has fried his Gamecube as I warned was possible in this video.

Recently, Metaljesusrocks posted a video showcasing the Gamecube HDMI 2.0 adapter. He made good points regarding the cost of the Gamecube component cable and this alternative. However, he completely left out other viable options that are less expensive. This video will help by filling in the blanks for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money, or are just curious about other options.

Full disclosure: * Regarding PAL, I said 480i when I meant 576i*

Just a heads up.

As always, comments are welcome, and I hope that you enjoy this video. I would definitely appreciate some thumbs up and new subscribers! See you next time!

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  1. Excellent video
    I personally don't have a regular Wii. I have the Wii U with the Wii channel modded. I have a few GameCube games like
    Mario sunshine and sonic adventure running off Nintendont. Since the Wii U has hdmi I think Wii and GameCube games look great. Emulators look awesome too!
    I have a Vizio 4K running off the "best" hdmi port and the lag is very minimal to the point where it's barely noticeable. Would you say the GameCube running off the components look comparable to a HDMI Wii U running GameCube games?
    [email protected] end ?

  2. Yes! S-Video doesn’t get enough respect! A proper S-video cable is a huge quality jump over composite. That said, there are lots of junk “S-video” cables that aren’t really S-video at all. They just send a composite (chroma+luma) video signal to each pin instead of keeping chroma/luma separate as they should be.

  3. I've been using s-video for SNES, N64, and Gamecube for a while, and I've been happy with the results. My TV accepts s-video and it forces 4:3 with no noticeable lag. Expensive cables, mods, and a framemeister aren't necessary to get a nice picture on your HDTV.

    I like the idea of that Gamecube HDMI cable (especially for people who don't have s-video inputs on their TV), but right now it's just not complete. It sounds like the guy who makes them is working on a solution, though.

  4. My main problem with Composite or S-Video though is the input lag, especially considering I'm using a BenQ monitor that only has HDMI & DVI Input… I would love an input lag comparaison between the Wii2HDMI and that GC HDMI Adapter thing

  5. I use my Super NES S-Video cable on my GameCube to play on my HDTV for years now, it looks just as good as any component output.

  6. pretty much with the version currently out if you own it, DO…. NOT MOVE THE GAMECUBE OR THE ADAPTER WHILE POWER IS IN IT. that's kinda how it fries, that's why the maker is making a version that won't move, which should solve the frying gamecube problem, if you ordered the previous version it has been replaced with the new version to prevent any more gamecubes from being fried,.

  7. besides if you're playing gamecube you should be using the Old Boxy Cathode Ray Tube Televisions, like it was back in the day, modern TVs are a terrible decision unless you're using emulation.

  8. I just do the smart option for component video on my Gamecube games that no one seems to ever think about anymore… a Wii and a component cable. You can buy the universal component cables for PS3/Wii/360 for $15-20 brand new still. MUCH better option than the $200+ for a Gamecube component cable, and you don't have to spend the extra money for the HDMI adapter that while looks good, isn't as good as the component cable because it's technically just slightly better s-video. I mean if you don't have the ports for component on your TV then that's one thing, but yeah there's no sane reason to buy the Gamecube component cables unless you're just looking to bulk up your collection.

  9. to all those saying it was the fall that killed his Gamecube:
    The adapter short circuited / fried his GCN when it was moved inside, by having pins contact each other that weren't supposed to do this.
    The console would be totally fine after that fall, wouldn't the adapter have been inside.

  10. The problem is that HD televisions have to take the analog video and convert it to digital, which causes input lag, however if you don't mind using a crt, then component and s video are very good options. Also to my knowledge, the wii to hdmi converter also introduces small input lag

  11. There's still one major benefit to using the component cables for the GameCube and Wii or the HDMI adapter (assuming you don't jostle it and kill your GameCube): since you can play games in 480p through this setup, there'll be less lag on an LCD monitor due to the fact that no de-interlacing will be needed. While the visual quality improvement over S-Video isn't that big compared to the improvement S-Video has over composite, the ability to play in 480p and the consequential reduced amount of lag is a major upside, especially with CRTs being much less common now than they were ten years ago.

  12. S-video is fine for most people. It's a significant upgrade from composite, and the difference between s-video and component or RGB is minimal. The main advantage of using the GameCube component cables is 480p. But is it worth $200+? Probably not to most people. (Unless you're lucky like me and manage to pick up 2 (two!) sets of component cables for less than $20 combined… ?)
    The main thing you need to be careful when getting s-video cables is to be sure they're wired correctly. A LOT of them simply have the composite signal wired up to the pins which results in a terrible image.

  13. Have someone get crazy and pull your system like that off the shelf while its on..HDMI adapter or not you potentially have a 50/50 chance of jacking it up, or at bare minimum scratching up your disc.


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