Gamecube HDMI Adapter: GC Video Plug n Play 3.0 Update Reveal



GC Video Plug n Play 3.0 Updated Model Reveal!

The Most Compact, Durable, and Affordable Solution on the Market. Receive the BEST Video Quality Today!

The World’s FIRST GC Video Plug n Play Solution and Alternative to GameCube Component Cables. Featured on MetalJesusRocks!


  1. This is awesome how stable in the port is it? Does it wiggle or pop out? Anyway to test it and do some pr videos for you?

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be better to emulate the games with Nintendont on Wii or Wii U and still get 480p?

  3. ZeldaXPro, could you clarify the below comments about the audio? As in does the HDMI automatically carry the audio and video? Thanks!

  4. Hey ZXP, just letting you know I got my 3.0 adapter in the mail yesterday and it's working great right out of the box so far. Excited that I can play F-Zero GX as crisply as possible now! I really appreciate the consistent e-mail updates as I waited, I never felt uninformed.

  5. ZXP – awesome job on the adapters. Thanks for all your work, my GC has never looked so good! I appreciate all the communication too.

  6. Just got mine Yesterday, have played it on all my games and love it. My friends are going to be stoked when they see the update! Well worth the $$ and comes with an HDMI cable as well. Super small and excellent unit. Truly plug n play, Mario Kart and Super Smash look amazing, and Custom Robo is fantastic! Get it.


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