Gamecube HDMI video adapter – 100% Plug & Play – No mod needed!


GC VIDEO Plug n Play 2.0 a replacement to the official Nintendo GameCube component cable. The product outputs 480i and 480p for Progressive Scan compatible games as well as AUDIO through HDMI.

UPDATE: There is a chance you can bump the adapter & damage your Gamecube. According to ZeldaXPRO all current & backlog orders will automatically get upgraded to 3.0. He’s also working on an upgrade path for current 2.0 owners. Check his website for more info:




**DISCLAIMER** I was sent the unit for review, but I wasn’t paid for the video and there is no affiliate link. The opinions in the video are my own.


  1. one important question to me. Are you playing the gamecube on a Lcd-led tv? or a CRT? I think a good comparison could be Svideo on a nice crt vs hdmi on the lcd-led hdtv

  2. That adapter is slick. It is always cool playing on original hardware. I would us a wii though with the homebrew channel and Nintendont for perfect GameCube emulation with component out…

  3. I purchased an original 1.0 model of this adapter from someone off eBay. From what I can tell, the only thing different from this and 2.0 is the exclusion of a remote. Anyone else know of any differences? One thing I notice is that every time a game changes its dynamic resolution, such as going from cutscenes to gameplay in rouge squadron ii, a blue square always appears in the corner telling me the current resolution, and it is not from my tv. Any idea how to stop this?

  4. I rethought about it. It seems it would be great for the gba player. Everything else you can get a backward wii and with component out and play your gamecube games through there.

  5. I'm going to try and get one of these for my birthday next month, the difference in picture quality is really big. I'd rather pay $100 for an hdmi adapter than $300 for some cables lol.

  6. So… This is cool and all but apparently it can take 3 to 4 months after sending a purchase request for you to actually receive the product…

  7. QUESTION: Will this HDMI adapter do ANYTHING at all for my PAL GameCube and it's games?

    I'm not asking for the wholly best quality as shown in this video, but will there be ANY video quality and sharpness increase at ALL? Thanks in advance, hahah

  8. I came because I saw his video stating, how this killed his GameCube. So I gotta watch the prequel before the sequel lmao

  9. It may be cheaper than the component cables, but I still wouldn't pay more than $20 for this. I hope he can mass produce them and lower the price, or license it to a chinese manufacturer, they'll make them and sell them for $5.

  10. I really like you're videos ! Id Be so sad if for some reason those games got bumped off the shelf lol. I thought of that after watching ur vids. Do you have them secured up there ?


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