Gamecube Portable Screen


A test video to show the use of the gamecube attachable screen


  1. @applefreak441 there is a screen for the Wii, also made by "Intec" but it's almost impossible to find. Another option, although will cost you an arm and a leg to pull off, is the "G155-Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System" by CompuExpert, which is designed for the 360 and PS3. It is very expensive ($300.00USD) but connects true digital. Since it is only connects through HDMI, in order to connect the Wii you'll need a $20.00+ connector called "Wii2HDMI" (which works excellent by the way)

  2. I was lucky enough to buy one this evening that even came with the console, controller, and a few games for about 34 bucks. eBay at its finest!

  3. HAHA you played my favorite game ever! Dude when i was a kid I always dreamed of having a protable gamecube and playing this game in the car, in fact I have the game on right now! heheh

  4. I was thinking about buying a gamecube for a while because of the gameboy player, but I have a wii, and I thought it wasnt too worth it. BUT then I saw this thing, and i thought to myself "Metroid Prime on the go? Hell yah" And does this have headphone support?

  5. I remember seeing this accessory at a best buy store, I still can't believe I haven't bought it 🙁 can someone tell me the price for this

  6. saw one at goodwill for 10 bucks with the gamecube! and an original bulky silver ds for 5 bucks got the ds but sadly someone else made off with the gamecube… 🙁


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