Gamecube Wavebird: A New Wave Controller – S.T.E.G!


The Nintendo Gamecube was a criminally underrated console, and there was one accessory for it that forever changed the way we play our video games forever, with the Wavebird controller.

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  1. Never owned a GameCube but played some GameCube games on my Wii. I had so much fun

    Also you seem a bit tired in this video Sam lol. Great video tho

  2. Great video Sam! I forgot that the Wavebird even existed but I think I remember seeing it in a magazine once and thinking 'now I can finally play while I'm having a shit!' (we used to have the consoles in bedroom with an on-suite bathroom and the TV could be seen from in there). Of course now the Switch is out that isn't ever going to be an issue again!

  3. You automatically get a like 👍🏻 by mentioning viewtiful joe …. for me test GameCube controller and wave bird was the best way to play this game … with the zoom in and out and slow motion … this made this game to play so smoothly like no other … and playing double dash is also just as great … still play with it all the time I pick up these 2 games

  4. Gamecube did not start the animal crossing franchise

    that was a Japanese Exclusive N64 game due to how late in the N64's lifespan it was released

  5. Guys, if you need a controller just for Melee I will say that the wavebird is not the best experience. The wavebird is wireless and has minuscule lag time in games such as smash, which every frame in that game counts in a competitive match. Wired controllers has the best experience for smash Melee competitively. Otherwise the wavebird is an absolute blast of a controller for the GCN

  6. I would love for another run of these things for when SSBs comes out on the Switch. I'm not a competitive Smash player so wireless would do me just fine, I just don't want a used controller. I have like 5 regular GameCube controllers for some reason, at least.

  7. One of my absolute favorite controllers for 3D games. I've used the exact same WaveBird for almost a decade now and I've never had to replace anything about it, what a fantastic piece of hardware. I've never been bothered by the lack of rumble, as I've been a heathen for most of my life anyways (aka I'm not a fan of rumble).


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