Games for Senior Citizen


Playing games is a healthy habit for the mind and body, you can play games at any age or even during retirement. It can help your mind to be active, encourages social interaction, and even it lower the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Everyone has its own choice of games, but games that are ideal for seniors are the games that are not too boring nor complex.

Card Games

Many seniors have played card games their whole life, so to continue playing will boost spirits and activate memories.

Pinochle – this is the most popular senior card game that comes with many variations.

Bridge – this card game helps to keep the mind sharp

Canasta Рthis game was popular way back in the 1950s, it is a hit among today’s seniors.

Rummy – this game is good for two to four players and it the most popular game in the world.

Cribbage – this game is very much liked by people, they even have membership club.

Chinese poker – this 13 cards game is organized into three poker-style hands.

Big two – this game is a very competitive game. It involves smart strategy and reasonable play.

Solitaire – this is a long been a favorite card game with a lot of variations.

Board Games

Board games are another way to get to interact with other older adults, but you have to make sure the games you choose are easy enough to be played by the seniors. Also make sure the letter is big so that they could read it easily.

Backgammon – this game can be played by two players. This is one of the oldest board game in the world.

Scrabble – this tiled word game is good for two or more players. It challenges your vocabulary skills.

Go – this board game was originated in Asia. It shares many similarities with games Othello and Reversi.

Chess – this classic timeless game is a challenge to its player to think carefully before making a step.

Chinese checkers – this game can be played up to six players. It is curiously invented in Germany.

Trivial Pursuit – this game can test your knowledge and memory, it can be played by six players with diverse categories.

Fun Games to play in Groups

Social isolation can be a harmful problem amongst the older population. This is why multiplayer games are very much encouraged.

Mahjong – this is a title game for four players all of whom are striving to create the best possible hand to win.

Bingo – this old favorite game has always been a favorite among seniors and can also be played in the casinos.

Dominoes – this tile-based game has a lot of variations and is mostly played in the city parks and all across the country.

Boggle – this fast-paced word game is more accessible than Scrabble and is easily enjoyed in larger groups.

Yahtzee – this game is a simple diced game that incorporates some elements from basic poker hands.

Bocce – this relaxing outdoor game can make its players enjoy its every fitness level.

Quoits – this ring toss game will bring out memories of your visit to the local carnival.


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