GANRYU for Sega Dreamcast – First Impressions


Just a quick look at a (relatively) new Dreamcast game – Ganryu!
This was originally a Neo Geo game in 1999 from Visco.
Let me know what you all think!

You can order a copy at these sites:

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  1. Hi all! I'm currently on holiday in the US, so I'll be slow with replies until the end of the month. Let me know what you guys think of Ganryu!

  2. Limited number of sound effects and the unimaginative level design put it straight into the "I will forget that I had ever heard of this game" almost immediately.

  3. Wow, I'm a big fan of both NeoGeo and Dreamcast, and yet somehow I've never heard of this game! Getting definite hints of Ninja Gaiden, Strider, Bionic Commando and Shinobi in the mix here – looks really interesting. I will have to check this out. Out of interest, where in the States are you visiting? Have a great time whilst out there mate 🙂

  4. I don't think Gunryu is a game I'll be picking up as it looks alright, but the respawning enemies, and very repetitive music are a big turnoff for me.

  5. I quite liked this on NEO-GEO, I know there are other, more polished games on other systems. But as the NEO-GEO was lacking these types of games it was nice edition to that system. The Dreamcast port does look a good port, just wondering if it's running slightly choppy (maybe a lower FPS?) I cannot remember how the MVS version ran now. PS. hope you're having a great time in the US, I'm not envious at all :).

  6. Wow – I wasn't aware of these. Thanks for showing this. Well worth it if you own and still actively use a Dreamcast. Wonderful how a system like the Dreamcast got a longer lease of life (it's rather short commercial life) with all the homebrew games coming out for it. NeoGeo on Dreamcast for the win!

  7. It looks pretty good, if unspectacular. It's got an early 90's arcade feel about it, not too much detail and rock solid but I like that familiarity, even the respawning enemies although it's a bit weird that they pop out of thin air. It feels like something I might've played in a random chip shop in my youth.

  8. Doesn't look too bad, but I wish better titles were making their way to the Dreamcast. I've picked up a few, and so far, they are kind of meh. Hope you're enjoying the US! (Avoid the south: the heat is unbearable).

  9. Hey that was cool! Sometimes I appreciate simplicity in a game. Don't see anything necessarily wrong with it when it does what it's supposed to do xD. Looking forward to seeing the other games. 😉

  10. Looks a fairly decent side scroll action platformer Pete. I need to pick up some of these titles being released

  11. Of all Neo Geo games, I don't know why they picked Ganryu. The could have choosed games like Spinmaster or Neo Drift Out…

  12. This game kinda reminds me of Kaze Kiri Ninja Action for the PC-Engine CD, except that instead of having colourful detailed graphics it had enjoyable music. still,i would like to try this game either way. also too bad they didn't port Metal Slug on the Dreamcast, but even if they were going to port Metal Slug via emulation i would prefer an emulation port of the Neo-Geo CD version since it has a Combat School mode and also an amazing art gallery.

  13. This looks like a good game. I'll have to pick it up. 🙂 I bought some of the others and most of the shooters (I don't think I got Dark Duck or whatever it was called.)

    I'm so happy the Dreamcast has life still in it. A truly underrated console.


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