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  1. Never played PC or N64 but played NES/SNES and all I find lately in my area at garage sales are Genesis bundles. It's not bad though. Saturday scored a clean model 1 Genesis, two (red) controllers, hookups and 11 complete games for $25. Scott you are one of my inspirations for garage hunting.

  2. I started to get into pic gaming but realized my computer sucked big wieners…almost as big as the weiner on Jeremy's head!

  3. I played the Sims and Rollercoaster tycoon. 🙂 I spent so many hours on the first Sims. I didn't have the internet!

  4. I was just like you and didn't have a computer worth a damn for gaming growing up, but i love Blizzard games and had to atleast play them, Warcraft, Diablo, and a HUGE!!! Starcraft fan, and luckily those game didn't call for any insane graphics cards or much ram so i was able to play them on the crappy family computers and dial up internet i had growing up lol and fav N64 game? whats funny about that question is u think it would be easy since the N64 had such a small library with just under 300 games lol but there's like 10 solid titles or so that are just fucking great, so because of that i think im gonna make a top 10 list for ya and try my hardest to put them in the order i feel they deserve lol

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (no brainer at the #1 spot lol)
    2. Super Smash Bros.
    3. Super Mario 64
    4. Mario Kart 64
    5. Conker's Bad Fur Day
    6. The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
    7. Star Fox 64
    8. GoldenEye 007
    9. Banjo-Kazooie
    10. Bomberman 64

    This list is based on my opinion and my opinion only, there maybe others who do not agree with some of the games i have on it or even the order in which i have chosen the games to be in, once again this is just my personal opinion for anyone and everyone who reads my comment please have respect for my opnion. Thank you

  5. Personal favorite pc game from back in the day has to be Total Annihilation.  Core Contingency expansion was awesome, and I was a huge fan up until kingdoms. Just recently downloaded again and started to mess around with the mods and fan made content.

  6. Wohooo 500th thumbs up! gotta get papa Stubbs in the vid love Jezza's old man he cracks me up, fav N64 title aside from the obvious ones I'm going to say blast corps! cheap plug I completed the UK Pal n64 collection, sadly not all are CIB but working on that

  7. I LOVE pc. I have a good computer now (gtx 1080, i7 3770, etc) but I didn't have a pc as a kid (always wanted one). I collect pc games, I don't have many but a few highlights include Kings Quest II, Shadows of Amn, and Operation Genesis. I mostly play Rust though, its my fav game

  8. I had crappy computers throughout my childhood but there were a few PC games I really enjoyed playing. Prince of Persia 2: Hall of Fame. I never beat that game as a child but I was so happy when I made it to level 3. It was such a tough game. Also, played Tetris and Word Munchers. And another game that I enjoyed was Bomberman Online. I mostly played those games on the PC growing up. Good times.

  9. Just started collecting again and was able to get a cib nes sports set which was exciting and my favorite pc game from a while ago is starcraft and starcraft brood war

  10. I have to leave a comment because not one of your group of video gamers has a email posted. Lol.
    I'm trying to reach the game chasers. I don't have Facebook and I don't Twitter. email or text is about all I do. any help would be helpful.

  11. one thing I notice watching your vids no matter what your showing weather it's what you got or someone else gets your face has to be in there takes up half the screen …its funny

  12. Always a great show. For computer games back in the day I played wolfenstein and Oregon trail mostly I'd say.

  13. I enjoy pc games like Carmen sandiego and n64 is pokemon snap. bought a n64 but controller doesn't work and need expansion pak but broke lol

  14. im extremely envious of the fire system I have Ice with the matching controller ive been looking for both fire and jungle green theyre my favorite colors

  15. My local value village has a 1st gen NES. Not the boxy one. The original one. The one with a weird gap in the middle. It has everything. And it costs 100. If its over 100 at value village, its worth something. Should I pick it up?


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