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  1. nice pick ups, just this last week, my wife and I went out for Chinese food. I ordered the Kung Po Chicken. Needless to say it was so spicy, I couldn't finish eating it.

  2. Once in a blue moon i'll ordered this grinder called "The Fat Willard".  It's sub with chicken cutlets, mozarella sticks, and french fries all covered in sauce/mozzarella cheese.  They use garlic bread for it and whenever I have it i'm down for the count.

  3. Every time I go to McDonalds, its the best worst time.witch Light gun games would you recommend, and do you like Light gun games? (on wot console dissent matter so much)

  4. At a local Convienice store I was really into all of their fried foods. I would go there frequently and get cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers, and other bringers of death.

  5. Best midwest snack…."Top the Tater". Really bad for ya but so good. Basically chip dip thats all sour cream with a few extra spices

  6. Blooming onion, or McDonalds chicken nuggets and fries, or fried chicken in general, pretty much anything deep fried, i go nuts for that shit which is really bad lol

  7. here we have a place that sells pork tacos with ham and bacon, the taste so good but too much and they will give you a heart attack, is like a "Once a month kind of food"

  8. My favorite food of all time, is apple wood smoked sockeye salmon from the grand buffet in Las Vegas. It was a life changer, and when i got home. It two months to find out what kind of salmon because the buffet staff just had it labeled Locke.


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