Genesis clone console Review – LevidtheRetroGamer


just a review on this cheapo clone console version of a
genesis/megadrive! like comment and subscribe!


  1. I thought about buying this just for the novelty factor but man that sound quality is freakin' terrible. I'm glad you uploaded this video… I'll be skipping this console and saving my money for something else. Nice review man!

  2. Good review! I've always been leery of these all-in-one systems, but they definitely serve a purpose. I can agree with your final thoughts on who. That's the perfect choice for them, and that's great.

  3. Oh gawd. Those AtGames (the 40 that aren't genesis games). They're so bad. I have a different version of this clone console that has a few less games built in. Good to see that the one with more just means more AtGames. At least you got Sonic 2. One I have only has Sonic Spinball. Thanks for spreading more word on these, man.


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