GPD XD PLUS Unboxing and Test GameCube PSP Dreamcast N64



In this video, I unbox and test out the all-new GPD XD Plus 5.5 inch emulator handheld Android device.
Is it worth the upgrade?

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GPD XD Plus Specifications:
1280*720 IPS Capacitive Touch Screen 5 Inch
CPU Mediatek MT8176, Up-To 2.1Ghz
GPU PowerVR GX6250
Internal Storage eMMC, 32GB
Extended storage T-FLASH (Support 128GB max)
Wi-Fi Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – Dual Band [2.4Ghz/5Ghz]
Built-In stereo speakers
Mini HDMI Port
3 Axis G-sensor
Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Li-ion battery, 3.7V/6000mAh

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  1. Sorry but with online emulators for n64 and ps1, these devices are kinda pointless in emulators… Hell, i got a shitty dell laptop and play both ps1 n n64 with exceptional framerate… the XD looks cool but thats about it

  2. Use N64oid for N64 emulation, runs everything at a solid 60+ FPS on the GPD XD, it's a much much much MUCH better emulator.

  3. The main attraction of this device for me is the Bluetooth. The original GPD XD didn't have it, but the XD+ does, so I can plug it into HDMI and emulate on a big screen, then take it with me and run my emulators on the go.

  4. what happens if you play a ds fps that uses touchscreen? do you use the right thumbpad to rotate the camera???

  5. We should stop peddling these cheap chinese market emulators, not just because downloading games you dont buy or own is illegal, but also because they are GARBAGE…

  6. I ordered one of Amazon from droidbox USA but I'll be returning that this was not what I expected I can't run gamecube games on it at all and yes that is the sole reason that I purchased it. Literally there's no Dolphin Emulator that works just ads

  7. Please sir can u do a game play a Android game call crtical strikers please please can u reply me please

  8. +ETA PRIME Have you tried installing the stock rom on it that boost's the CPU to 2.1Ghz? It absolutely helped my original GPD XD, and am thinking of upgrading to a Plus soon (with the stock Android kernel)

  9. Pretty disappointed by this device. I can run every single psp game at 100% fullspeed on my galaxy s9+ exynos version, which is pretty bad for emulation due to some vulkan driver bugs on mali gpus. even god of war and midnight club running without any frameskip and sound issues at 100% speed, stable 60fps.

    edit:/ the only one game which doesnt run, is motor storm arctic edge

  10. please could u see if mario golf advance gba rom works please spent loads on retro mini , retro game rs-97 all wont run it wanna buy this just want to be sure thank you brilliant video

  11. I bought one online and the left pad doesn't work, I either have to press down hard on it to get it to respond but that would just leave it stuck in there, can anyone help cause if I can't get it fix them I'll just sell the damn thing for parts.

  12. 250 usd? damnnnn, better get yourself a PSP lite and mod it… runs way better and only sets you back about 60bucks.

  13. Someone tell me if I can play, Shenmue 2, Majoras mask, and and Wind Waker on this. If I can I will definitely buy this.

  14. Hi.

    I have a GPD XD for 1-2 years, and I am having a screen problem.

    Here is a link of a video of how the screen looks when I turn the GPD on.

    Some other information:

    – If I connect the GPD to a TV, I can still play the GPD on the TV
    – There is sound coming from the GPD
    – Sometimes I get a white screen
    – The GPD respond to touching the screen
    – This problem happened once around a year ago, but only part of the screen was affected (borders) and slowly came back to the normal. But this time, it is not coming back to normal and it is like that for already 2 months approximately

    How could I fix it?

    Thank you


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