Grand Poo World – Moria


Ugh, still not used to the SMW engine. The hardest parts for me in this stage were definitely the two controlled spin jumps ( one at 0:19, and the other at 1:24). I honestly can’t tell if I need to git gud, or if the controller ‘m using just isn’t good for this. I bought an SNES USB controller online, so when that gets here I’ll switch controllers. In the meantime, I might take a break from GPW and play SMW once through just to familiarize myself with the engine.

Even though it sounds like I am being a negative nancy, I am totally enjoying this ROM hack so far. Barb did an outstanding job with this. I have full intentions to play it through.


  1. What emulator are you using? I think most emulators have a bit of input lag, at least that's how it felt to me using a real SNES controller with a USB adapter while playing SMW romhacks.

    00.01 – Deaths 296
    02.05 – Deaths 816


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