Great Games Of My Childhood: The Lion King Full Walkthrough (Genesis/ MD Version)


This is my Walkthrough of The Lion King for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. This is a surprisingly good game for a Disney tie-in, and it still holds up well today. The music is great and the levels are well made and great fun to play through. I don’t own any of the rights to The Lion King


  1. Oh the memeries of childhood … Kinda makes me sad but this game lets me revisit childhood for a moment 🙂 . Games to hard tho btw lol

  2. Ahhh, I spend over a year playing this game when I was 12. It was a bit hard in the begining, but last I could walk through the game in 25mins without loss one life.

  3. The part with the monkeys tossing you like that was were most gamers including me, rage quit experience began. I once nearly cried coz i couldn't figure it out lol.

  4. I had this game for the Game Gear and it was hard but after a few days I finally beat it and I also had the Jungle Book game as well


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