Half-Life: Blue Shift – Dreamcast vs. PC Soundtrack Comparison


Part of my Half-Life Fact Files series:

This video compares the two soundtracks defined for Half-Life: Blue Shift, the original Dreamcast soundtrack using Kelly Bailey’s Half-Life music and the later PC soundtrack which switched over to Chris Jensen’s Opposing Force music. Brief excerpts of equivalent scenes from both versions of the expansion are shown. Sound effects have been muted so you can admire the appropriate timings or lack thereof of the triggered music cues.

Credit to Barnz for examining and outlining the soundtracks.

ba_tram1: 0:30
ba_maint: 1:34
ba_canal1: 2:10
ba_canal3: 3:16
ba_yard2: 4:16
ba_yard4: 5:26
ba_yard5: 6:35
ba_xen1: 6:59
ba_xen2: 8:11
ba_xen3: 9:22
ba_xen5: 10:31
ba_power1: 11:27
ba_power2: 12:52
ba_outro: 14:23

Intro music: Chris Jensen – Mishaps In The Reactor Chamber Part 1 – Track 03


  1. "but y the changs?"

    Anyways, recently I've been obsessed with this series, and for good reason. I've recently only started playing the original Half Life, and this series adds onto a game that I've only recently started to love. Props.

  2. Everyone saying how this was bad has a point, but think, then we probably wouldn't have Kelly Bailey's music for HL2.

  3. Haven't played OF or BS but why did they changed MP5's and Glocks for beretas and M16s? Guns is not a subject to a copyright as far as i know.

  4. I would've preferred a mixture of the two soundtracks, especially to replace the more military sounding Opposing Force soundtrack
    The music cues in the DC version should've been present in the PC version too, they fit quite well.

    Kelly's music fit better than Chris's tracks in Living Quarters, Duty Calls, Captive Freight (ba_yard4), Focal Point (ba_xen2, 3 & 5), Power Struggle and the Credits.

    Chris's music worked well in Captive Freight (ba_yard2) and Focal Point (ba_xen1)

  5. Hmm, I must say Kelly's soundtrack fits BS perfectly, while Chris'es was fine only for OpFor, but not for BS.

    Btw, is there a cue in the game for the missing track from the BS cd?

  6. Kelly Bailey: Mostly ambients, designed to give you the right mood in the right place.
    Chris Jensen: You got bomb strapped on you, boot up your ass and truckfull of hostiles. Get going!

  7. I remember having the dreamcast version when I was younger. I didn't appreciate it back then, unfortunately. Had I known what a good game it is, I'd have played the shit out of it.

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