Half-Life (PS2 Port) – PlayStation Underground Jampack Demo


Part of my Half-Life Fact Files series:

This is a full playthrough of the Half-Life PS2 port demo included in the PlayStation Underground Jampack Summer 2002 disc.

Unlike the Uplink demo for Half-Life commonly available on the PC, this PS2 console port demo is unique in that it features a trimmed down selection of the game’s early chapters, namely Anomalous Materials, Unforeseen Consequences, Office Complex, and “We’ve Got Hostiles”. A few areas also underwent modifications to create some different gameplay encounters.

Time codes straight to the interesting stuff:
– Controls screen (1:13)
– Anomalous Materials begins mid-chapter in test chamber control room (1:24)
– New text messages are displayed on-screen in lieu of a tutorial (2:13, 7:34, 8:47, 10:47, 12:00)
– Unforeseen Consequences ends early at drainage tunnel hatch (21:02)
– Office Complex begins mid-chapter after electrified hallway (21:17) and ends early before cafeteria (32:11)
– Box climbing puzzle removed, changing the entire vent and ceiling area (23:57)
– “We’ve Got Hostiles” extremely cut down (33:07)
– Osprey at the surface replaced with boss Apache finale encounter, Rocket Launcher included early to fight it (35:50)
– Low violence mode is enabled, removing blood splats and causing gibbed enemies to fade away instead (18:42, 19:28, 34:28)


  1. The demo handles widescreen by cropping the top and bottom like final game, right? (Which brings the question: Why not have more on the sides if widescreen option is implemented? Cropping is bad.)

  2. I have this demo and I've got to say something really annoying about it is thay it'll go back to the Playstation Underground menu if you don't touch the controller for one minute.


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