Harry Potter except it’s on PS1


Harry Potter on the PS1 is very very bad.

I’m going to be playing more old, bad games like this. Feel free to suggest some.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Play Station 1

Music by:

Check out: “Alone in the Dark – Halo Flood Campaign ”



  1. any good unreal engine game designers? lets make a singleplayer/splitscreen/online harry potter game that's open world and has quest lines to save harry and his friends and train with them to unlock cool robes and the robes have special abilities and you can like go through the spider forest to train and own a house and stuff.

  2. If we're doing PS1 era, you could always do some of the early Star Wars stuff, like Rogue Squadron.
    Croc is a classic, though I don't know if you'd list it as bad.
    Dialogue wise: any of the Rayman games for the console were pretty bad, also the control scheme of some of them were odd.

  3. Ok. Can you get the timmy helmet/pack from playing halo 5 on windows 10? Because I got the pack and all I could read was "on windows 10" b4 I of course freaked out and opened it

  4. There are different PC, PS2/Xbox/GC, GBA, and GBC versions for this game. EA wanted to make sure everyone could buy their crap so they hired different dev teams to accommodate.


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