Harry Potter on the PS1 but Voldemort won’t leave me alone


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  1. can you tell me on which emulator your playing? I have sometimes these strange effects which didn't appeard in your version

  2. Prisoner of Azkaban on ps2 if you get time in your schedule. Obviously the graphics are a step up so there's not as much laughing at horrific face models this time round. But there's plenty of fun to be had regardless and I love hearing your commentary

  3. I love these Harry Potter videos! at first I was like "I wonder how this will go?" and I watched the first Harry Potter video and laughed my ass off.
    I first ran into you while searching for Garry's Mod Dark RP Trolling, and I've been hooked ever since a few months ago.
    I'm kinda mad at myself, I just realized I haven't been subscribed to you this whole time! I'm super subbing you right now.
    Thanks for all the laughs so far!
    I love all your "I do this but then I do this" videos! In fact, I would be sitting here forever listing what I love about you and your channel.
    Love ya Kevin! 🙂

  4. oooh I remember playing this, so memories, much cool. But that ending though, Quirrell grunting away on top of you, shit, that's horrible, so disturbing now, I don't even remember that part, though I remember finishing the game. Anyway I love your HP stuff, you're making some weird ass games real fun. wheeee!


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