Horror Games – PS2 Collection Overview


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Carrying on with the PS2 Collection Overview, this time we take a look at my Horror and Horror-inspired games!

And here are the full playthroughs I’ve done of many of the games features in this video:

All Things About The Thing! (includes the playthrough of the game)

Zaranyzerak Plays Bloodrayne

Zaranyzerak Plays Area 51

First Impressions – Siren: Blood Curse (playthrough of the demo of the PS3 remake of Siren)


  1. As for horror games, ironically the "kids console" Gamecube had three of the most memorable, "Eternal Darkness", Resident Evil (remake)" and "Resident Evil 4".
    Gamecube had a lot of Resident Evil games, great for fans of the series; RE remake (fantastic game), RE0 (exclusive, only Wii got port), RE2&3 (PS1 ports), RE4 and RE Code Veronica X (Dreamcast port).

  2. Horror game are one of those game where they don't come as often as good horror movies but when a good horror game comes out they're really awesome.

  3. After your last vid I went on a PS2 inspired web tour and saw a guy who has every American PS2 release, unopened! What say you – cool or weird?

  4. dmc: Devil May Cry was awesome!  Truly underrated.  I'm sure you will but check it out if you get a chance.  Or pick up the Definitive Edition when you get a PS4.

  5. Once you get you're ps4 you should get Alien isolation to start you're horror collection of on that . Its one of my favourite games of all time just because they absolutely NAILED the atmosphere to the movies and the alien omg it's terrifying hope you will stream that once you get it

  6. I really enjoyed Manhunt and played many hours of it but I got stuck at one point and sadly could not move on. Great game.

  7. Cool video I've just picked up the devil may cry hd collection and 4 can't wait to play them can't believe it's taken me this long to actually play devil may cry when I'm a huge Capcom fan lol

  8. Pretty solid set, I had "Siren" on my PS3 through PSN, but I deleted it to make room for the awesome "Grand Theft Auto V". I some horror games in my PS2 set as well, including some "Resident Evil" titles that includes "Resident Evil Outbreak:File 2" and "Resident Evil 4". I also have Silent Hill 2 and 3, a little known game called "Run Like Hell", "Evil Dead:Regeneration", two "Devil May Cry" games, 1 and 3, "Bloodrayne 2", and another underrated action horror gem from "Suda51" called "Killer 7". Another one I had but traded in for store credit was "Castevania:Lamnet of Innocence", a decent 3D "Castlevania" game.

  9. I remember seeing your collection overview years ago. Nice to see you go back to it. I like how you go over your collection in genres instead of just going over it from A-Z like everyone else.Your collection videos inspired me to possibly do some of my own PS2 collection videos. I think its kind of funny though how you got rid of silent hill 2 again but you still have dead aim lol.

  10. Great channel,really love these overview videos. The PS2 was one of my favorite konsols for sure. Such a great library of games. Thanx for sharing.


  11. I love Siren alot and i would actually not lie and say that this is the scariest game i ever played in my life eyspecially Siren Blood Course and Siren 2 but with Mamhunt i also wondered what made it a horror game as i always saw it as some sort of torture porn game. Great video notheless man keep it up and continue to give a shit on all the hate comments 😉


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