How to Burn or Rip Sega Dreamcast Games on a Mac OS (2018)


I noticed a lot of frustrated Mac users out there on the subject, I figured it out this week and it is easy and possible. Long live Dreamcast!
Things you’ll need: an internal or external writeable CD Drive on your Mac, and 700MB CD-Rs. Download and install the latest versions of Keka (My version was 1.0.12) and LiquidCD (My version was 2.08).

Wallpaper Credit: Deviantart/Blueamnesiac


  1. can you help me with the mgs bleem version ? do I just do it normally like the rest of the games ? because its supose  to be 2 disc

  2. do you have any experience burning sega saturn backups on a mac? i've tried liquid CD and toast 12 titanium so far and both don't burn successful disks 🙁

  3. I follow all the steps but get an error while burning discs, "Burn Failed". The slowest speed possible is 10x, which is slow enough, but maybe thats the case

  4. I got the exact same problem as Matt and also can only burn 10X as the slowest speed. What version of liquid CD are you using?


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