How to custom paint a GameCube controller


DIY – How to custom paint your gamecube controller with your colour of choice and design of choice by Kami

Step 1 – Sand down controller
Step 2 – Clean thoroughly
Step 3 – Spray until satisfied with number of coats
Step 4 – Spray a clear coat
Step 5 – Paint on design
Step 6 – Spray another clear coat

What you’ll need:
GameCube Controller
600 Grit Sand Paper
Tri-Wing Screw Driver
Spray Paint
Primer (May not be required)
Self Adhesive Book Cover

Primer is only required if the paint you are using does not bond to plastic (which most spray paints don’t), some have primer already mixed in with them, make sure not to double up.

I recommend not doing this many coats unless you need to correct a mistake (you could always sand it down and repsray it again if you wanted to).

The more coats you do the thicker it will be, in future I will most likely do 3 coats of paint and 2 clear coats total. (One clear coat before the design and one after the design) The main reason of doing one before the design is to make sure the self adhesive cover does not peel off any of the paint.

I also find that the more coats you do, the stickier the controller may be (SOMETIMES), this is not always the case, I’ve done controllers with 3 coats that are sticky and others with 4 that aren’t but they do generally dust will stick a lot more then normal controllers (though it does come off extremely easily still).

After completing the process you should leave the controller to dry for a good 24 hours before using it.

May remake a better shorter video in the future if interest is shown, this one had a few mistakes (such as 4 coats, + 2 clear coats before the design) which wasn’t necessary.

Example of my own controller with a pikachu inspired design.

Link to the template as a .png –

Music by NoCopyRights
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  1. What type of paint did you use to put the decal on? Also did you use sticker tape or something to put on the top? I'm thinking of making the decal, painting it on, then putting on the clear coat once its done.

  2. Great vid! Quick question; Could I use one of the clear controllers, so I just have to sand off the logo? Or would the uneven texture affect how the final paint feels?

  3. the only thing i want is revive a roughly used gc controller, i want to paint it in the original mate purple color with the original gamecube logo decal and restore the (nowdays gone) thumbpad…

    Tell me there is some way to do this please!!

  4. I really want to make my own custom road controller, but I'm kinda scared I'm gonna screw up taking the insides out, if someone has done this, is it simple putting back in the insides and taking them out?

  5. I'm attempting this, but the highest grit sandpaper I have is 210… is that going to get the job done fine, or should I get a higher grit?

  6. This is really awesome, just one quick question: I'm a Melee player and I main Luigi and Ganondorf. I would like to paint my controller to look like them, but what should I do? I was thinking maybe the front part of the controller would be green (for Luigi) and the back would be purple (for Ganondorf) but what would my symbol be? Maybe a Luigi cap or a green fireball, or if I flipped it maybe a triforce on the front or Ganon's fist with the triforce of power. I don't know what would look cool though, does anyone have any ideas?

  7. Would you recommend sanding down the controller port at the end of the cord as well, or is that unnecessary since it isn't really being touched often so the paint wouldn't rub off?


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