How to Install FMCB to a Memory Card and Boot PS2 Games from a USB Drive


Here is one way to install FMCB to a memory card, install games to a USB pen drive, and then boot them on your PS2.

You will need:
-A SwapMagic 3.8 Coder Disc (you can buy one on Amazon/Ebay)
-A memory card (try to use 8MB or 16MB)
-A USB pen drive (if using only one, at least 16-32GB)
-A Computer
-Mod Pack ( – You can also download your own FMCB files from online; the latest version is 1.95. My pack has 1.84. You will need WinRAR, or a similar unpacking program to unpack the files.

What models are compatible for this?:

All PS2 models are compatible with FMCB 1.8, except the very earliest models sold in Japan (SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000, and SCPH-18000). The latest SCPH-9000x V18 up to DATE CODE 8B is compatible, after DATE Code 8c and later are not compatible.


  1. hi, I have a problem.
    I bought the memory card with freemcboot, I follow the procedure very well but when I start the ps2 starts directly opl making me select games from usb / hdd and then does not start the DVD that I entered.
    How can I solve? Thanks so much


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