How to Patch PS2 Games for ESR | Backup Games on FreeMCBoot


This tutorial will show you how to easily backup and play your own PS2 games utilizing ESR on a console already running FreeMCBoot! In my main FreeMCBoot tutorial I demonstrated how to play games from an internal hard drive using OPL, this however is for anyone who is wanting to play a backed up game as opposed to using a hard drive, USB drive, or network streaming. The added complexity to this is due to ESR requiring each disc to be patched before being played, if you use ESR to boot up a backup game it MUST be patched or else it will not work. This is also handled differently with any CD based games, which must be converted to a DVD and has to be copied to a DVD-R instead of a CD-R. This tutorial will also cover these extra steps!

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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  1. Nice! I'd prefer a non-chiped hard moded PS2 to do this. But this is rare in Brazil, consoles already came patched with Matrix chip.

  2. ah i love ESR! However, good to note that while games can boot some can be unstable during play. Especially during inter-game loading. IE: sphere changes in FFX2. But this could be related to burn quality.

  3. Ohhhhhh ESR, never used ultraISO but then I've never ripped a CD based game but this looks cool…. I might make a PS2 homebrew package ISO similar to your Xbox 360 one but that's a big maybe

  4. Ultra-ISO breaks a lot PS2-games! You can let IMGBurn convert a Mode2Level1-CD to Mode1Level1-DVD directly via IMGBurn!

    On a side-note, I'd suggest turning 'OPC' in the settings 'on', to allow 'laser power calibration' before writing the disc…

    I would also rather use a 'mid-speed' or 'AWS' to write to the disc (in most cases, the burned result has less 'correctable errors').

    Instead of ESR GUI, you can use the mini-versions of ESR which allow you to boot ESR-Discs automatically, just like any original game (beside the logo and the debug-colors).

  5. man i have a question , i make all of these that you show to us, but when i put it the game and run it with mc boot, the game has no colour only black and white, i check it out my cables but it was all fine, can you answer what is fault?

  6. So what's the best way to get ps1 .bin/.cue or .iso game files to run from an internal hard drive if you have fmcb or fhdb and opl and hdl with the best compatibility popstarter ? Or is there a way to use opl or something else ?


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