How to Play Gamecube Games on the WIi U! (With Gamecube Controller)


I haven’t made a Wii U tutorial in awhile. This one will show you how to make Gamecube games work on the Wii U, along with how to install and play them!

Written Guide/Download for program:

Download these and extract them to the root of your SD Card:!YssTxAYQ!nOMFEqHHrqCqRPlfAg-7zSm5_EptyvBaSDCjzu29RTA!csNwULbI!bnhOaYpExhpg5A1g2gAzR1w_bC8VUe8L1MzPD39418Q

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  1. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that if you say yes to using the gamepad, players 2-4 can still use gamecube controllers.

  2. How do you get the stuff for smash and animal crossing? I really want the stuff for it. Not the iso but I want the stuff for those games.

  3. When I install the game to an external USB drive, I get an error message when launching saying, "Failed to load kernal from NAND." Any reason why?

    EDIT: Replacing the Nintendont .dol loader and nincongif file on my SD card fixed the problem.

  4. I did what you said but when attempting to run Melee, I get "could not find nincfg.bin!" I have it in my nintendont folder but it's still not working!

  5. When I load my game up it says "WII" on the game pad and them it says 'boot.dol not found". I know the boot.dol is in the nintendont but do I put the boot.dol somewhere else or does it stay in the nintendont folder? (The nintendont folder is in the apps folder).

  6. I did exactly everything right, and it worked the first time, but when I turned off my Wii U and went back to it 2 hours later, I now get a 199-9999 Error Message, telling me to restart my Wii U every time


  7. I opened melee, my gamepad said Wii and my Wii u didn't load anything and will not turn off if I hold it. Do I pull brick out or is it not good?


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