How to Soft-Mod WiiU – Pt 10 – vWii Nintendont Forwarder: Play Gamecube Games w/ WiiU Gamepad!


How To Install Nintendont as a Virtual Wii Forwarder!
This will let you launch Nintendont from the WiiU Menu
& Play w/ the “Wii U Gamepad” as a Gamecube Controller!
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vWii Forwarder:


How to Get Luma CFW on 11.5:

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  1. does this work with usbloadergx?i already have all my gamecube games along with my wii games on a usb drive and would just like to add the gamepad support how would i do that? just update nintendon't ? do i need the forwarder?

  2. Anyone else have their buttons randomly remap themselves? I was playing Metroid Prime and a few times my buttons were remapped where abxy all were reversed. Y was jump and B was the blaster and so on. Really weird. Anyone else?

  3. Side note if this isn't working.
    Use a Signature Patcher before installing Nintendont Forwarder to install it in WUP Installer GX 2.

  4. Why can't i download the Nintendont forwarder? It says it can't be downloaded because it was moved to the trash by the creator. Help please!

  5. Hi. Love your channel. This looks really cool. I am running into issues getting the vWii/GCN running. Everttime i successfully install Nintendont, I load it and get a black screen before the system resets and I get an error message

    I have Haxchi installed on my system, and am following steps as given here. Is there a previous tutorial that I need to follow first?

  6. Hello, I get a black screen when I launch Nintendont, all I can do is press Home button and the console just restart … Can you help me ?

  7. Awesome! I've been waiting for this for a year and a half already! Is there anymore homebrew vwii forwarders that allow you to play with the gamepad?

  8. i am having some trouble installing nintendont forwarder because once i press install on wup gx installer it there is an error that it failed i need help

  9. People who get the black screen after you see the Wii screen and then the console reboots.
    See if your Nintendont folder was named "Nintendon't" with the ' . That was the problem for me. And make sure the apps folder is in the root of your sd card.

    And thanks for the tutorial man! You're the best! <3

  10. So I need a sd card to put all the stuff into it from the pc and a usb stick that needs to be plugged in into the wii u system all the time? And whats NAND?

  11. Guys theres no way all of you are ignoring me in the video when i say "enter custom firmware" before using wupinstaller
    "Install failed. Verify WUP files are correct & complete. DLC/E-shop require Sig Patch" = Enter custom firmware AKA pay attention

  12. Um, everytime I try to install NINTENDONT FORWARDER, it always shows an X and says "Confirm complete WUP files are in the folder"

  13. For those who get the BLACK SCREEN OF DOOM, refer to this:

    MAKE SURE THE FORWARDER IS INSTALLED ON NAND! For safety purposes, install it on USB and then move it to NAND. This fixed my problem and I hope it will fix yours! This key point was not stressed in the video, but nice tutorial, anyway! If that doesn't fix it, remove any USB plugs connected to your Wii U, like a USB HID controller or even the USB drive.


  14. I have a question. If you’re injecting an ISO and a modded ISO of the same game, for instance Pokemon XD and Pokemon XG, or SSBMelee and Project M, how are saves handled? Before I learned of this injection method, on my Nintendont emulator, the save files of my XD an XG were being shared by both titles. Is there a way to separate them? Or am I doing something wrong here?

  15. I dont understand how you got all of those folders on your SD card I just saw your video not he side bar and wanted to do this but I don't know what wup installer is and I'm also on a Mac Please help =(

  16. It's so funny how I got everything working and managed to play Metroid Prime and all, but when I pressed the Home Button to restart, activate mocha again and try opening Nintendont, it turns to a black screen and freezes the console. I tried reinstalling it, but still gave me the same thing. Guess my Wii U was like "nope you ain't playing GC games with Nintendont Forwarder anymore XP". For now, I'll just stick to the regular USB Loader GX from the vWii and play my GC games from there using my PS3 controller as this gets improvements, if any, in the future.

  17. I really hope this becomes obsolete in the following days. vWii hacking just seems too much of a hassle and it seems there's already a way to play some GC games via installing on system menu and Nintendont WITHOUT vwii hacking!

  18. Sorry to be a pain but I can't get any of the isos or gcm files to work through Nintendont. I've tried renaming them to game.iso or even just game, but still nothing.

    My files are like this sd/ game/ super mario sunshine / game.iso

    I keep getting this message :

    Boot included GC Disc [DISC01]

  19. Great tutorial, but I think I messed up somewhere. Keep getting "checkformultigameandregion failed" error whenever I attempt to load a game. Not sure what is causing this issue.
    Again, thanks for the really helpful guide! This stuff is always two steps forward, one step back for me so I always appreciate a step forward!

  20. Is there a way to use the Wii U Pro Controller as Player 1? Every time I open the vWii app with the Pro Controller, once Nintendont loads, it automatically moves to Player 2.

  21. Any way to use USB with this method yet? That's going to be important to me a little bit down the line. Would rather not keep deleting games off my SD card to make more space for other ones xD
    Otherwise, thanks for the video! I had no idea where to put this stuff but apparently it was pretty easy haha

  22. for anyone having the black screen error not to be confused with the black screen then reboot make sure you have all you files and folders set up properly and have nintendont forwarder installed to the nand, then before you even launch cfw boot the wii menu then exit back to the wii u menu and launch cfw after that launch nintendont forawrder i have no idea why this works it just does

  23. So I modded my old Wii system and runs tons of stuff off a loaded usb drive. So after the Switch was released and the Wii U is dying out, decided to mod it next. Bought another usb drive and have been using Wii U USB Helper to install Wii U games and CFW Only games. So I'm debating now to pull the other hard drive with all the NES, SNES, Gamecube, etc etc roms off and copying them over. Man I see a lot of work ahead of me. So my question, after installing the forwarder and you got the "Would you like to use the gamepad" message. What would happen if you said no?

  24. I just did everything exactly like in this video, and it works flawless ! Thanks very much. Now playing Super Mario Sunshine on Haxchi / Nintendont !


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