Huge Garage Sale Video Game Haul!!! Nintendo Wii Games and Gamecube Games


Special thanks to our guest Manny Villa of Distinctive Drafting and Design

After recruiting the help of long time friend, Manny Villa, we went to several garage sales and managed to get some sweet deals on some Nintendo Wii Games like Wii Sports Resort, Naruto, Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, and Warrio and Gamecube game Naruto. These video games were found at a huge discount thanks to some wheeling and dealing.
We also found a retro Guitar Hero wireless guitar for the Wii and some favorite books of mine.
Unfortunately, we came too late to get a supernes system at one of the garage sales, but all in all it was a pretty successful trip.

Music by Electrixx (Tetris)

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  1. U guys almost pissed that guy off at the first garage sale rookie mistake get the good stuff cheap leave the bad games behind do bundle deals when it's good games

  2. This video is so cringey. Just make a deal instead of having the owners talk about it. It's all about the small talk, in and out.

  3. Hi Retro Game Hunters, I'm the Retro dealer starting to watch your videos more really like the videos and my collection is ginormous. I have to get rid of them cuz my collections to deadly have every Nintendo game ever made.


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