I FINALLY got a NES Classic Edition!!!


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I FINALLY GOT A NES CLASSIC! And at retail price too! I went to Best Buy early in the morning to wait and it paid off! It’s a very neat little system, so I’m glad I was finally able to snag it. I mainly wanted it for the novelty of it, but I’m actually going to play through some of the games on it like Final Fantasy since I have never played it before. I have some of the actual cartridges of the games on the NES Classic Edition, but there are a lot I don’t have like some of my favorites including Castlevania and Kirby’s Adventure.

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  1. Nintendo, the company that mass-produces C&Ds more than anything else. Let's hope they don't do the same thing with the SNES mini.

  2. Are you going to get the Famicom mini?
    I was saving for the Nes but i rather have one of the two then none at all. P.S yes i got it at retail prince with free warrinty.

  3. That's cool that you got one! Wish I could've snagged one (I was in class when Best Buy opened. By the time I got there, they were gone).

  4. Hey Paleo, do you want to trade another Nes classic for a famicom mini? I can trade it but please respond as soon as you can. I got mine a few days ago and they seemed to have quite a bit, but they hide it so people would have to ask for it. So, please if you want one tell me as soon i can so i can go to the store and get another to trade.

  5. I wouldn't but the NES classic, as I think the games have been way too "available" in various other forms, such as re-releases, etc. But SNES Classic would be fantastic.

  6. GameCube Classic would fricking rock. That console didn't sell that well and there are tons of cult classics like Melee and Double Dash, maybe make it a little more expensive like ~$100.

  7. lets be honest bro, i have just finished tearing black gryphon a new ass, and i come here and see the ugliest cunt possible. but on the serious note, your a virgin arnt you?

  8. I as well waited in line at Best buy. They only had 12 of them. A lot of unhappy when it came to open. I order THE EDGE JOYSTICK. Can't wait to try it.

  9. i have it. I love it. But there are some HUGE glaring issues. I mean ICE CLIMBERS? Donkey Kong and DK Jr should be put in one game, and a few other just too arcade-like games that are fillers such as Mario Bros OG. It sucks no matter how many times Nintendo tries to stuff it down our throats. Remember it was included on EVERY GBA version of SMB 1-4? jesus. When Nintendo themselves have even Black box games that would easily be better choices. Pinball, Wrecking Crew, Kung-Fu, Ice Hockey, Elevator Action…. So I would include (besides what you said) Crystalis, Wizards & Warriors, and Smash TV.


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