I went to Gamestop to try to preorder the SNES Classic and…


*NO LUCK* This madness has to stop when it comes to Nintendo products


  1. I called GameStop on the first round of these pre orders at 9 am, 3 hours after they were open online for preorders and they said no pre orders yet, called an hour later and they had it! I managed to get mine with enough left over to buy 10. I only bought one because I wanted people like you and me and everyone who wants one to get one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ??? Hey if you want people to watch your videos why don't you finish off your sentence? That's going to prevent people from watching your video. I went to GameStop to try to preorder the SNES and…? I mean for real. I only got into two seconds of the video until I close it out

  3. After the crap I went thru trying unsuccessfully to get the NES Classic I'm not even gonna waste my time trying with this SNES Classic.Since I can get most of these games from my 3DS Virtual Console so I'm good it would be awesome if I had them just for the nostalgia of it but I don't need it that bad.Good luck on your search man.

  4. I was up on Amazon refreshing, never got the email that they were available on there. I was on my way to work about a week and a half ago and the email that Gamestop announced on Twitter that SNES pre-orders are now available in store appeared on my cell phone. I dashed to my local Gamestop and they told me they had one pre-order spot left, I was so fucking happy bro. Sorry about you though, hope you get one September 29th.

  5. If Nintendo keeps on with this practice of not making enough consoles to meet demand, they're going to eventually go out of business. This is ridiculous how Nintendo is treating their fans. Plus these stores need to have some kind of policy to help curb these dickhead scalpers. Retailers need to have a policy of 1 item per person.

  6. This is just like the launch of the Wii U and the Switch. They didn't make enough to meet demand, so Nintendo fans gave their money to Sony and Microsoft. I think this is one factor in the Wii U flopping.

  7. I feel your pain man, I looked, I searched, I hunted, hell I huffed and puffed and no, not even a little bit of luck on preordering the SNES. I still want one but that desire is starting to dwindle unless nintendo and retailer stores gets their $#!¥ together!!!!

  8. Not to beat a dead horse but getting a raspberry pi and a snes classic case would be better and say fuck Nintendo and these scalpers and the retro tweaks breaking there necks and camping out for a damn mini console

  9. Instead of dropping $80 on a SNES Classic, why not buy an Everdrive for that price? It's a cartridge that lets you put ROMs on a SNES cart and play on the original SNES. Instead of 30 games, you can play the entire library of SNES games, and best of all it's on the original hardware.

  10. fuck game stop, my friend worked at GS when NES classic came out, they hoarded all the copies for the employees, who sold them on ebay

  11. I feel for you man by the time I heard about my gamestop having SNES preorders it was too late and I just had to stand in the line to get the 2nd to last one at a 24 hour wally world to get mine, but the NES was horrible, the nintendo switch, Destiny 2 collectors edition and a few other things are selling out so quick and or not having enough made on a consistent basis it's bs

  12. it not Nintendo fault, it is GameStop fault, they only allow 8 per order per store. Bestbuy had 100 units, Target had 40 units, Toy r Us had 59 units and Walmart had 30 units they had way more then the NES on launch day.

  13. you don't blame the resellers?

    even though they bought the whole stock of snes mini and are fucking making amounts of ripped off cash by simply getting money in exchange for the snes mini classics?…..

    i blame the fucking re-sellers for everything, they're worse than fucking crack heads.

  14. At least you got one in the end , but yeah it completely crazy ?… same thing happened over here in Australia . I was just lucky I found one at a local retailer .


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