Indigo Gamecube Boxed Console – When Patience Pays Off


What should have been in my collection already actually took me over 5 years to find as a good deal. I bought this Indigo Gamecube console in box with instructions for $40. I was patient and found the system locally so I didn’t have to spend money on shipping the very heavy system, taxes, and import fees if I bought online. Though the console isn’t in the best condition and the controller is jet black, I am going to sell off the system and controller and keep the box and instruction manuals. What took you a long time to find as a collector? Has your patience paid off? Comment below!

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  1. 5 years to find a stupid box and instructions? I till have mine after 10 years or more same apply for gameboy,ds,wii, wii u, n64 and shit and Im not even a collec.

  2. Thanks for the video. I've just bought a Japanese GameCube which has now been added to my collection so I won't need to use freeloader so much now.

  3. It's been so long since I focused on my collection. It hasn't grown much within the past year or two. The only thing I want to do at the moment is trade my silver GameCube for an indigo one.

  4. I was given a near mint copy of ocarina of time collectors edition recently. box is great with instructions and inserts.

  5. Taken me over 1 year to find a CRT. Games wise? Been 2 years and I finally found Animal Forest 64 complete in box with everything absolutely perfect, can't wait to play <3!

  6. Wow i haven't seen a GC box since 2001. I own an indigo color GC with a controller that is in near new condition got it on the cheap too without the box. Great find dude and its always a plus when you get a good deal. Getting classic and newer gaming consoles are only going up in price and you have the greedy sellers, but i am not going to get into that shit today.

  7. This is something that recently came to mind, and is completely off topic, but I have a copy of Starfox Command (no box or anything though), and I don't think you displayed that or even mentioned it when you were talking about your Starfox collection (this was probably countless videos ago), so if you still dont have this, I have a copy i am pretty willing to give up.

  8. hey i got a question about about finding a part and you seem like a good guy to ask, I have a Fire Orange N64 that i got used but the memory expansion cover that came with it is charcoal black. Any idea where I could find a mathcing cover? Thanks!

  9. I've been showing my GameCube a lot of love recently. Right now I'm playing Baldur's Gate. The controller is the main reason why the GameCube is my prefer sixth gen console, it's damn near perfect.

  10. I really need a Gamecube Controller with that condition 🙁

    I just got Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for collecting, the prices are going up on Amazon… Also Monster Hunter 3 for WiiU brand new super cheap!

  11. I know it sounds strange, but I just added Super Mario 64 to my n64 collection. My first consoles were gamecube and ps2, and for most of my life I was very casual about gaming. finally becoming serious, a couple years back, im just starting to collect for n64! 😀

  12. I just picked up an boxed GameCube in gumtree (basically like Craigslist but better) for about £30 ($43.88) and for me in the uk that is cheap and it comes in mint condition with all the cords manuals and inserts

  13. I just got a boxed new unopened gamecube tales of symphonia gamecube for 666$ because im jacob sartorius


  14. why was i born in 2004 i missed out on collecting this stuff

    i got a GBASP yesterday and i had the original red and silver for awhile but now i wish i could have all there boxes


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