Is Nintendo Secretly Working on a Game Boy Classic? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)


Nintendo has definitely hit on fans’ nostalgia with the NES and SNES Classic, but could another childhood throwback be on the way? Jessica has the gaming details on today’s Nerdist News!

Would you be game to get one? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Id love to get a gameboy!
    Such a great way to play on the road without the excess light and distractions of the ipad and cell

  2. I hope they fill this up with more than 50 games….those games are so small you could practicality put the whole library on it right off the bat. I'll drop at least 150 for one hands down

  3. A gameboy classic would be the only one of the "classic" line I would not hesitate to buy. I never grew up with the NES or SNES but I had my dads original gameboy that he used when recovering from a massive head trauma from a motorcycle accident. Mine sadly no longer works and currently has pride of place on my shelves along with some of my most prized collectables. That little console has so many memories for me and I would love to recreate them and maybe leave it for my own son to continue the lineage.

  4. Seems like a no-brainer to go straight for the Color Classic doesn't it? Could open up the library to classics like Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, as well as, perhaps, some nice shiny full re-colorings of games originally released on GB (Super Mario Land, Metroid II, Gargoyle's Quest).

  5. I understand the "collecting factor" in these objects and the great ability of Nintendo to manipulate nostalgia but nop, I can wait for these games on Switch 🤔… but if they come to an agreement with Sega to launch the "Dreamcast mini", we've a thing 💘…

  6. Its too bad that if there is a Game Boy Classic release, that it will likely not have its #1 selling game: Tetris. The Tetris company seems like it wants to bury all traces of R-GEN style Tetris in favor its their modern shit bag style Tetris games that barely sell and hardly anyone plays. I'm all for accessibility, but making a game too easy is a great way to have people pass on your games.

    Since I doubt the Game Boy Classic would have Tetris, its a pass for me… no reason to own one at all.

  7. Price shouldn't be difficult for them at all. You could play all of the GB's games on a Raspberry Pi Zero, so a $5 piece of kit. Guaranteed that with a customized design, trimming out unneeded bits and then mass producing, Nintendo could get that part of it under $5. Then all you need is a small LCD, some buttons, a battery and case to throw it in.

    They could probably produce a Gameboy classic that plays Gameboy and Gameboy color games for a BOM cost less than $20. Factor in the R&D to create the emulator and OS, marketing, testing, and shipping, I bet we could see it on shelves (lol) for the original $79 and Nintendo would make a tidy profit.

  8. I don't even have a switch yet so can't really say if I'd want a Gameboy but I actually might want one depending on the games released for it no than for Mario games I suck at pretty much all of them

  9. I think this shows that there current consoles are failing in sales. This is how they are trying to get there sales up. Funny enough you can find good working older systems easily. As great as the switch is. Right now they do there best with the 3ds. I think they should create a system that’s a lil less gimmick and more competitive.

  10. If they are they can go to and see how it is done.

    Of course then you'll have a system that could play more than just the Game boy line of games. And that might hurt their ability to sell other classic lines later.

  11. And mix in updated graphics and n64 ports playable on it by replacing the arrow keys with 2 separate joy sticks I think it's possible

  12. I think the switch is amazing, but I just feel they should have keep that console home only. They said they were going to keep supporting 3ds, but I think its overkill to have 2 handhelds consoles out at one time, including a new and updated Game Boy making it 3.


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