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In today’s video I dive in and take a look to see if Rayman 1 for the original PlayStation is still good. Enjoy!


  1. I agree with your verdict, It gets a lot right but it's just far too frustrating at times. I really enjoy the first few levels but after band land my enjoyment of the game drops considerably and I never even bother to try anymore when I play through these days.

  2. I have tried to go back to this game a few times and get further but it just maddens me with the ridiculous difficulty. it's a shame since the game looks and sounds beautiful.

  3. It's true I really couldn't enjoy this game.
    I actually had more fun with Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 than the original Rayman. That's… depressing.

    Overall I would say Rayman 2&3 are my favourite, especially Rayman 3. I even got the original Xbox copy for my collection.

  4. Good game even if brutal at times. I didn't care at all for the forced collecting though, used a code to skip it.

  5. I really enjoy the insight you give with these in depth analyses. Your exploration of game design has stuck with me while I play and I find myself better appreciating just what makes a game "good."

  6. It's so weird that nobody seems to know when some games came out; Did Rayman come out on Jaguar and PlayStation at the same time or weeks apart or …? There is also no firm release date for Super Mario Bros on the NES in USA, one of the biggest games ever. Rayman started life as a SNES title, with co-op, different art style etc. Did you try the very early SNES prototype that was released about a month ago?
    Thanks for a wonderful video on Rayman. I'm amazed by all the effort you must put into making these for your viewers. Very high quality stuff man, keep it up 😀

  7. Thanks for another great video! I always got frustrated with this game and could never make it very far. How long did it take you to do the play through for this video?

  8. As someone who has played Astal and Raymen both I must say that the journalist who said this game was on the same level as Astal is insane. Astal is very fair and balanced throughout and never relies on the insane trial and eror of most of Rayman to be challenging but rather engaging and diverse level design. Even in terms of presentation Astal is in a league of it's own with it's mix of new age and classical influances in it's music and art style where as where as Rayman has a very heavy "90s cartoon" feel.

  9. that thing about the electoons is actually what made me stop the game first time I played it.
    After spending DAYS beating every levels with getting as much electoons I could but blocking the player from finishing the game without doing a 100% when you have to redo most levels in full without a "return to map" option is pure design flaw here

  10. Got this game in 1997 and beat it a couple of years ago(all tings released etc), this game is hard as F! Especially space mama

  11. Wait, you actually beat this? Holy shoe! I never got further than Bongo Hills! I may suck at platformers, but that's still REALLY impressive!

  12. Had this on PC, the Saturn, and playeed it on GBA as well. So far, I've fully beaten the original, Rayman 2, Rayman 3, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends and I'll play and beat all future main Rayman games. This game, for when it came out was a diamond in the rough

  13. So will you do Rayman 2 next?

    Not only does it tone down on the insane difficulty, it also made the transition to 3D extremely well IMO.

  14. i see you think this game is not very fun. that's okay of course 🙂 everyone has his or her own opinion. i really like this game, but when i am saying i like this game, i talk about the pc port, which is easier and different

  15. I think you should check out the port for the DSi, because it fixes many things.

    – points don't reset after death
    – 50 continues by default
    – level design changes (more / larger platforms, it makes bandland way easier)
    – a ton more checkpoints
    – 6 health by default, item extends health to 10
    – boss fights have checkpoints in them and health pickups appear after the first half of the fight for later fights
    – a cheat code was added to unlock every level
    – a map on the bottom screen
    – music is looping properly

    The port has pretty strong screen crunch, though. But at least they've implemented a panning screen.
    And many music tracks are missing.
    But the much easier difficulty more than makes up for it 🙂

  16. i didn't play it for a long time cause i thought it looked like a kids game even though its one of the first games i got for the sega saturn… i played it and pretty much every thing he hates about the game i was loving about the game… i felt so clever and skilled when i got through the levels. i played with WAY more intent because if the life system. the end result was a very memorable experience for me. I've played it several times since and it's still a joy to be challenged by such an unassuming gem.

  17. I watched Caddicarus' review of the game, and he said "Half the game is kickass, and the other half is difficult and unfun to play!!"

  18. Rayman requires a lot of patience, to be sure, but it's a great platformer. Its extreme difficulty is what makes it so good. Without that, it would have been a mildly entertaining but ultimately generic game. I've played through it many, many times over the years, and it doesn't seem so hard to me anymore. I can play from start to finish with no saves or continues – but it took me a LONG time to get to that point. I understand that most gamers don't have the patience/time to dedicate to a 20+ year old platformer, but if you take the time to really master the controls, you realize that it's unforgiving and challenging, but rarely unfair.

  19. You put far too much effort into these videos for them to only get 5k views. You deserve so much better. I hope you really make the big leagues one day my dude.

  20. Purchased this when it came out originally beat it 100% after so many deaths and I haven't played it since and I don't have any intentions of playing this overrated mess ever again.

    Game is just pure BS from start to finish.

  21. Thanks for the sub. Rayman is one of my childhood favourites I have a love hate relationship with. It gets more and more poorly designed as it goes on and the life/cage systems are ludicrous, like, they make the game impossible to without a lives code.

    I think the vid was nice but there may have been a bit too much describing what happened, and as you skimmed the last two worlds(reallly Shouldve mentioned the run ability), I think you were aware of it being long. I know it's hard to balance objective exposition and opinions when writing a review, especially as you don't know how much your audience will already know the game. Most reviews tend to give opinions and sprinkle a lot of the facts throughout the vid, thought that also means one can't skip straight to the opinion part if they want.

    I've certainly battled the "exposition" issue myself. I think how long to make it does depend on the type of video, and I also think it's a good idea to sprinkle more interesting observations and opinions in with the less crucial exposition to keep it Interesting, and summarize what pure exposition isn't necessary.

  22. Ah, the first Rayman game. I have a love-hate relationship with it, for the exact reasons you gave. Love the artwork. A wonderful soundtrack. A very charming platformer with many creative and cool ideas. However, the difficulty was incredibly unfair. I got some nasty flashbacks watching all those spikes again. While I had a blast playing it on PC when I grew up, there is no way that I will ever go back and replay it, even less complete it. Bought Rayman Legends for my Nintendo Switch a couple of weeks ago and it is a far better game. It fixed all the issues when it came to gameplay and has a far more reasonable difficulty curve. I am glad that the franchise survived all these years so we got this game, because I can now consider Rayman among the best in its genre.

  23. When i was a kid i was never able to get past bandland… but i always came back to play through those first few levels, the music in dream forest is one of my favourite game tunes of all time.
    I'm also glad it got the sequel which i WAS able to beat from start to finish, though the biggest surprise was it actually being a good early 3D game!

  24. Yeah, the game's difficulty in the later half is a huge sticking point for people. Apparently, the game didn't have a QA team, which meant that the devs were the ones who had to test the levels. As the people responsible for designing the levels, they probably didn't realize how difficult the levels actually were.


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